DIAGNOdent laser: finding cavities earlier 


Our practice uses the DIAGNOdent laser to provide our patients with state-of-the-art cavity detection.This laser is the greatest advance in dental diagnosis since the x-ray. You may have seen this on TV. This incredible laser painlessly finds very small cavities YEARS before they would have been found by visual exams or x-rays. 

Has your dentist ever found a cavity that wasn't seen just six months before and when the filling was done, it was very large? Have you wondered how it was so large when the cavity wasn't even present just six months before? 

The fact is that the cavity WAS there for quite some time, perhaps even years. It was just hidden by the grooves in the tooth and undetectable so the dentist couldn't see it and it wasn't big enough to show up on x-rays. So by the time the dentist could see the decay or it shows up on x-rays, it is already large cavity. 

The DIAGNOdent uses laser technology to extend the dentist’s vision into those hard-to- reach and hard-to-see sites where cavities can develop, multiply and thrive. Left undetected, these cavities can cause major damage to a tooth’s structure, resulting in extensive restorative work or even tooth loss. Because the laser uses laser light technology, there is no radiation exposure or discomfort.  

Using the DIAGNOdent laser to find new cavities months or years before they would have normally been found means that treatment is usually less invasive and easier to treat. This saves our patients time and money while making them healthier! 



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"His shots don't hurt, and I love going to the dentist!"

Alissa Dzenko Oakwood Christian Academy, 3rd Grade Chickamauga, GA

My visit to Smiles of Chattanooga was unlike anything I could have imagined. I was sitting in the waiting room for no more than five minutes when someone came out to greet me by name and started introducing me to everyone behind the front desk. After I filled out my paperwork I was taken on a tour of the building so I'd feel comfortable. I again sat for only a few minutes when I was taken back and introduced to the hygienist. I ended up staying for about six hours getting work done. I was offered blankets and pillows in case I was child. For the short periods I was alone in a room they gave me an I pad to entertain myself and while being worked on I had headphones with music. I am usually nervous when I have to see any type of doctor but everyone here was so friendly and supportive that I actually look forward to my next visit. Smiles of Chattanooga have changed my perception of what I should expect when I'm a patient. I felt like I was hanging out with good friends and left feeling better about myself. Thank you to everyone there.

-Judith Ferguson

I can't say enough kind words about how wonderful of an experience Dr. Gallien and his team provides us. Worth every penny and mile to come see, the practice far exceeds our expectations with kind words, huge smiles, genuine courtesy and appreciation. We absolutely love visiting Dr. Gallien and will continue to do so for years to come.

-Jennifer Hodnett

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