"His shots don't hurt, and I love going to the dentist!"

Alissa Dzenko
Oakwood Christian Academy, 3rd Grade
Chickamauga, GA

My visit to Smiles of Chattanooga was unlike anything I could have imagined. I was sitting in the waiting room for no more than five minutes when someone came out to greet me by name and started introducing me to everyone behind the front desk. After I filled out my paperwork I was taken on a tour of the building so I'd feel comfortable. I again sat for only a few minutes when I was taken back and introduced to the hygienist. I ended up staying for about six hours getting work done. I was offered blankets and pillows in case I was child. For the short periods I was alone in a room they gave me an I pad to entertain myself and while being worked on I had headphones with music. I am usually nervous when I have to see any type of doctor but everyone here was so friendly and supportive that I actually look forward to my next visit. Smiles of Chattanooga have changed my perception of what I should expect when I'm a patient. I felt like I was hanging out with good friends and left feeling better about myself. Thank you to everyone there.

-Judith Ferguson

I can't say enough kind words about how wonderful of an experience Dr. Gallien and his team provides us. Worth every penny and mile to come see, the practice far exceeds our expectations with kind words, huge smiles, genuine courtesy and appreciation. We absolutely love visiting Dr. Gallien and will continue to do so for years to come.

-Jennifer Hodnett

I walked the red carpet into the office to encounter all the happy people who made my visit another enjoyable experience. All the modern technology and knowledgeable people just leaves me with a good feeling.

-Sheila Simmons

"I was deathly afraid when I walked in for the first time, but EVERY single person went out of their way to make me feel welcome. They took above average care of me and my teeth. I have already told several people what a pleasure it is to come here. There really is a difference between this office and others I have been to!"

Holly Ortwein (Housewife)
Chattanooga, TN
April 1st, 2009

"Wonderful experience! Took away my anxieties of coming to the dentist. Very friendly and comforting."

Justin Hupp, Second Nature Blue Ridge

"Your office was highly praised by a friend for top quality work and professionalism. Three different specialist have complimented Dr. Gallien's work. Every staff member has been very nice and genuine to me. One morning I came in after work and I got sick. Everyone was giving me their snacks to help me feel better and raise my blood sugar. Thanks! Sharon and Gale have been so helpful with appointments and payment scheduling, my schedule is hard to work around! Crystal helped me with insurance issues last week and had it ready when I got here. She told me what to do and how to work the letter to insurance. I can not say enough nice things about Cindy. She is always so personable, kind and has a big smile. Very professional and gentle. She can put me at ease quickly. Dr. Gallien has been sensitive to needs, and makes obtainable goals. He guides by follows my wishes. Very professional and top quality craftmanship. You give no lectures, just how you can fix and prevent further damage to my teeth. Leslie and Misty will apologize while they are cleaning and oohhh they feel so clean afterwards. Whitney always smiles and speaks to me even if she is not working on me that day."

Caroline Ingle, Chattanooga - Harrison

I can't say it enough, I love Smiles of Chattanooga! Dr. Gallien and his staff are wonderful. They accommodate my family's scheduling needs and have us in and out in no time. Going to the dentist is a pleasure.


"We originally chose to come to Smiles of Chattanooga based on a referral from a friend. We chose to stay at Smiles of Chattanooga because we found Dr. Gallien and his staff to be the most competen t and friendliest dental team we have encountered!"

Jonathan and Patricia Smolen
Chattanooga, TN

"I really didn't know what to expect from Dr. Gallien because I had gone to the same dentist in NC my whole life. Brand new to Chattanooga, I chose Dr. Gallien initially from his website; however, the experience will keep me coming back! The atmosphere, friendliness of the staff and quality of service here are better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you--You have a client in me for life!"

Erin Minor, Sun Trust Bank

"The most relaxing visits I have ever had! Totally painless, and an awesome staff and doctor, the best dentist I have ever had!"

Matthew Huggins, Chattanooga TN

Most men don’t talk about their fears. It’s just not the thing to do. However, if I can help other men by sharing my story, then this will be worth it.

I have had a fear of dentists for as long as I can remember. As with most of us, I can trace it back to a bad childhood experience I had with one dentist. I was having four teeth pulled. I don’t recall why they were being pulled, but they were only my “baby” teeth. No big deal, right?

I think the dentist was inexperienced, and didn’t know how to deal with children. Long story short, the older dentist rushed into the scene I was creating, put a block in my mouth, and pulled the teeth in seconds. If we ever went back to that dentist, I don’t recall it.

From that time forward, I have avoided dentists. I have had some fillings over the years, always hearing, “hold on, I am almost done”. Sometimes I would receive another injection, sometimes not. That didn’t do much to increase my confidence.

Fast forward a few decades. My wife had a bad experience with some crowns, and we were trying to find a new dentist for her (I wouldn’t go). We heard about Sedation Dentistry, and that is where she met Dr. Robert Gallien. My wife came home telling me what a wonderful dentist he was.

I wasn’t convinced that easily. Finally, I agreed to have my teeth cleaned. How hard could that be? I figured I wouldn’t like it and so I would never have to return.

So, my first contact was with the dental hygienist, Misty. She was honest with me about what my years of neglect had done and laid out a plan for her part of my treatment. I expressed my fears and desire to feel no pain, and throughout the first procedure I felt no pain. I was hooked! She is the best!

Then, I met with Dr. Gallien. I also expressed my fears to him, and it is important to note here that he (along with his whole staff) always addressed my fears and never discounted them. Anyway, he examined me and laid out a plan for correcting my dental issues.

My first encounter with sedation dentistry was wonderful! In fact, it encouraged me to get the whole treatment plan on the fast track. I had planned on taking it slow, but it was so easy, that I just wanted to get it over with! The second trip was still sedation, but by the third and last trip, I had gained enough confidence to just use gas. It was easy as well.

Throughout every treatment, they always made sure I was relaxed, and Dr. Gallien (so I was told) never hesitated to give me another injection if he thought I was feeling any discomfort, let alone pain.

What I like most about Dr. Gallien’s practice is that he and all of his staff make us feel like part of their family. Misty, Crystal, Whitney, Sharon, and Gail always have a smile on their face and always make us feel happy to be there. This may sound weird, but I actually have missed seeing them!

As a businessman, I am also impressed with the way Dr. Gallien treats his staff. I have seen how he invests in training his team, and it seems to me that they work more with him than for him. They never stop learning, and never stop trying to find ways to take better care of their patients.

One more thing – we live in Ringgold. His practice is on Highway 58. Bottom line – it is worth the drive.

Jeffrey R. Greer
Ringgold, Georgia
October 9, 2007

As a child I had several bad experiences in the past with dentists. I came to Dr. Gallien’s office with several procedures that a different dentist had started. Due to unfortunate circumstances these procedures were left half finished which caused me great deal of pain. Dr. Gallien and his staff were beyond helpful in getting everything that had been started by my previous dentist restored. My teeth feel wonderful now! Everyone at Dr. Gallien’s office made me feel like a part of their family. His entire office is just that, a family. In my past experiences, every dentist I had visited all had a problem getting my teeth numb. Dr. Gallien had no problem in doing that and for the first time in my life (at 37 years old) I have been able to have dental work, including root canals, performed painlessly. I am so impressed with Dr. Gallien and his staff that my whole family are now patients of his. I tell everyone I know that if they want a dentist that makes them feel at ease and possibly even enjoy dental visits, my dentist office is the one to see. Honestly, I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t met these wonderful people that have taken such great care of me. I am very grateful to them for everything they have done for me.

Paula Garner

"Having wone partials for years I wanted implants to make my life
easier. Dr. Gallien offered this service so I made an appointment to
get his advice. I received bone grafts where I lost bone over the
years due to loosing teeth and six implants. Dr. Gallien was gentle
yet very professional. The next day I had NO pain!! This was a great
experience for me, and I highly recommend Dr. Gallien to everyone! He
works in a professional manner and has an excellent staff. All the
employees made me feel very comfortable I will continue using Dr.
Gallien expertise from here on out. "

Lutricia Peaks, Retired US Post

“Frequently traveling from Washington, DC, to Chattanooga, TN, I noted a distinct difference in my sister. She often smiled - something she hadn’t previously done very often due to years of problem teeth and gums. Her teeth were now beautiful! Following her example, I made an appointment with her dentist, Dr. Robert J. Gallien. I feel that I am now on my way to having healthy teeth and a beautiful smile as well. I have total confidence in Dr. Gallien, who projects confidence, efficiency, and caring for his patients.”

Doris V. Butler

My family and I are always pleased with the family-like, professional, clean environment that Dr. Gallien and staff provide. From on-time friendly reminders of up-coming appointments, to the warm smile that one is greeted with on arrival. Dr. G is an outstanding Dentist who is intentional about listening to his patients' needs and makes every effort to ensure that all staff are intricately involved in the care and attention given to every individual who walks through the doors of his practice. So, if you are looking to have your smile restored, or a place where you simply made to feel like "family"...then this is the place in Chattanooga, TN! I actually enjoy my dental visits, and I am highly satisfied with all of the work that Dr. G and his staff have done for myself and my family members.

The British Lady

I had to get one of my fillings replace and I don't look forward to it. When I went in I was expecting to feel the pinch of the needle and still feel the instrument on my tooth like I always had, in the past, at other dentist's office. However, Dr. Gallien and Whitney, made me feel comfortable and I didn't even feel the pinch of the needle or anything else. He did an excellent job. Everyone at the office makes you feel welcome and they are super nice! From now on this is where I will be trusting my teeth to be worked on. I also have the invisalign, done by Dr. Gallien, and they truly work. For anyone who is skeptical of the invisalign, I just want to say that you do get results. Thank you all at Smiles of Chattanooga, you are awesome!

Lizzette Torres

Most people don't equate a visit to a Dental Office an enjoyable experience. At Smiles of Chattanooga it is as enjoyable as one can be. Everyone greets you with a smile. It is very professional but casual at the same time. If I have to go, this is the place to get quality service.

-Louis Bull

By that I mean the same ole friendly faces, the same ole "glad to see you" atmosphere, the same ole courteous and professional treatment done with skill and care. What more could you ask for?

-Arthur Doucette

I have had plenty of dental work and have seen quite a few dentists, I'm sad to say. However, I am happy to say I have found a fantastic group of people at Smiles of Chattanooga. They are very professional, efficient sand pleasant. I look forward to great future visits. I highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for above standard care.

- Anonymous

Never expected to be treated with such a personable yet professional manner. Best experience I have ever had with a dentist and staff. I felt as though my business was sincerely appreciated. Would recommend to anyone!

-Danny Brown

I just wanted to comment on how easy and convenient my appointment was yesterday. The staff at the office is extremely friendly, and they all know your name! A lot of thought has been put into the atmosphere of the office, and it makes you feel at home. I have been visiting this office for over two years, and have never had a less than enjoyable visit!

-Jack McAffe

Love everyone there. Always so pleasant. Misty is the best hygienist! Thanks

-Julie Tolber

I have been a patient of Dr. Gallien, D.D.S. for almost six months now, and have already referred 3 of my family members. I just have to tell you that this is one of the friendliest offices I have experienced. And I mean genuinely friendly, yet very professional. We are always greeted with a smile, a hand shake, or a hug; offered something to drink or a snack; do we need a toothbrush/toothpaste? They have thought of everything to make you feel welcomed and special. Then of course they offer the top of the line dental experience with the coolest equipment, etc. I am just saying 'that office has it going on if you know what I mean' ... And watch out for Dr. Gallien's sense of humor, he pulls a few dental funnies on you from time to time... hehe So, I just encourage anyone who may be reluctant to trying out a new dentist or to just get started with one, this place you will enjoy. I promise, and I know that seems like it would be impossible to ever 'enjoy' a dental experience... But, I am just sharing my story :)

-Cynthia Cumbust

A warm welcome and clear communication goes a long way in my book. I was very impressed with the accommodations and thoroughly pleased with the treatments. The warm welcome felt a little fake/cheesy at first, but I liked it anyway. Thanks!

- Anonymous

You all rock!!!!! Again thank you!

-Cheryl Carter

I have a lot of dental problems. I was scheduled for a cleaning and the night before my bridge (put in by another dentist) came loose. The staff at smiles worked me in to do all the prep for a new bridge. They could not have been nicer. I am a teacher and definitely didn't want to teach with visible teeth missing. I cannot recommend them enough.

-Belinda Ivins

I am very happy that I found you. The work that you did was great. I feel better about my smile. Thank you.

-Cheryl Carter

My experience at Smiles of Chattanooga was great. The employees are so nice and considerate and Dr.Gallien is Very nice and easy to talk too. The total experience was GREAT

-Robert Kelley

It was the most AMAZING dental work I've ever experienced. I had two injections - never even felt the needle touch me! No pain whatsoever during the process. Everyone was SO nice and accommodated me in every way possible. Thank you, Dr. Gallien and staff

-Diane (Janice) Hartman

A perfectly painless experience! Always treated as a very important client. I love my smile...and I love the people who take care of it!


This is by far the best dentistry office I have ever been involved with. Simply excellent service with prompt cheerful care.

-Jorge Tarafa

We were pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and customer service we received at our family visit to a new dentist. We had been with our former dental practice for about 12 years, and did not know what we were missing.

-Johnathan Ivins

I can't say it enough. I hate the dentist. It's not personal; just don't like the sounds, the noise, and how you feel like you're awake during surgery rather than a cleaning. If you feel the same, this is the place for you. When you walk in they're actually happy to see you, they shake your hand and don't treat you like cattle. I even got a gift bag, a really awesome gift bag with more than just a new toothbrush. I'm actually excited about going back for my cleaning in a few days! I'm glad they have an amazing referral program; because I'm referring everyone I know here, it's the best dentist EVER!

-Summer Smith

You want find a more caring staff & Doctor in any medical field. They are delightful and make you feel good about your treatment plan. They are simply the very best at what they do!

-Lawrence Butts

The entire staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. Dr Gallien makes it his mission to be on top of the latest research and technology, so I always get the best treatment. They took digital photos of all my problem areas, emailed them to me, and gave me several options, so I could decide what was best for me. No high pressure sales pitch while you're stuck in the chair, just the facts. And the pictures don't lie. :-) I'm happy to refer Smiles of Chattanooga to anyone.

-Reed Swanson

After 21 years of extensive dental work, I have found THE BEST service I have ever experienced! Everyone from the receptionist to Dr. Gallien has given me the utmost professional and excellent treatment.

-Carol Phillips

They are patient oriented, friendly and caring. I normally dread going in for dental appointments; however, after being to his office I look forward to my next appointment. Dr. Gallien and his team are OUTSTANDING. DO NOT HESITATE ONE MOMENT TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT...YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!

-Bill Ackerman

I had a wonderful experience today with Dr. Gallien and Whitney. They made me so comfortable for a treatment that I was very scared about. I had absolute zero pain and was reassured constantly by their kindness and gentleness. I will never go to another dentist!

-Rachel Hatch

Welcoming offices with outstanding service from the minute you walk in the door to the second you leave.

-Debi Stone

I love Stephanie and Smiles of Chattanooga! They re always awesome!

-Teah Shope

It is great to come into Smiles of Chattanooga and get actual, genuine smiles. I appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and the willingness to make everything as wonderful as possible as Bob digs into my teeth and the Novocain is not working as expected :) Keep it up!

-Ashleigh Topping

Visiting the office of Dr. Gallien is always a pleasure. The staff is very friendly and seems to enjoy their jobs very much. The Dr. is also very nice and very good at making you feel comfortable.

-Lindsey Zehel

I had been anticipating going to Smiles for a while now because of how my family had raved about the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. I have never been excited about going to the dentist, but even with no major work done on the first visit, I was assured I would have a great experience each time. The entire staff is delightful.

-Rachel Hatch

Dr. Gallien and his team are a very experienced professional group with cutting-edge technology. Everyone is very personable and friendly. It is a refreshing feeling after leaving the office. They have been our family dentist now for several years. I have been very satisfied with all of their services and we've had everything from normal stuff to (broken teeth) crowns. Dr. Gallien seeks the most appropriate and cost effective method for the situation of the tooth. All smiles here.

-Joan Sloan

The hygienist was the most thorough I have ever seen and the remainder of your staff was also wonderful. Best office experience ever. Actually looking forward to coming back.

-Debra Bodine

I love this office & everyone that works here, you all are GREAT! I am on my way to a great smile & just want to say thank you! I have never been to a dentist office that I like to go to, but I love coming to see you guys & will never go to another dentist again! You have great customer service & really go all out to make me feel comfortable! I have a long road ahead of me before my mouth is 100%, but I have no complaints & feel so lucky to have Dr. Gallien to be the one taking care of me! Again, thank you all so very much & I can't wait for my perfect smile! Smiles of Chattanooga are the BEST office in town!! See you guys soon!

-April Tocco

Misty is the best hygienist ever. Dr. Gallien is a great dentist with up-to-date technology in his office. Misty is the best! Don't ever let her leave. If she does, I'm going with her. ;) I appreciate everyone there. They are all top-notch, super nice, and a pleasure to visit. I can't believe I can say that about going to the dentist!


I felt especially cared for when I was met with an umbrella upon arrival in a rain storm. I could really appreciate the loving concern that given my 97 year old mother as well. After walking her in under the umbrella a blanket was found so she wouldn't feel cold and later a batch of cookies was brought forth for her as well. Thank you all for making us feels so cared far.

-Ann Cregg

I highly recommend Dr. Gallien and his staff because of the great expertise they have. It is also a very friendly and helpful environment.

-John Overton

I am 52 and in my whole life have never experienced this level of customer service and care at a dentist office. There was no pressure to sell services only the extremely pleasant staff always catering to my need and comfort. Asking about me, making sure I had water, attending to my grand daughter who came with me. Even having fresh cookies. As a new patient I got a tour of the office. Was introduced to all the family members of the office. I say family members because that is exactly the atmosphere that is extended here at Dr. Robert Gallien's office. He is an excellent dentist. I had a 30 year old filling replaced and he was excellent in his work. It didn't take long and I felt certain that I had a job well done when all was said and done. His prices are very reasonable and he has state of the art technology. I can't praise this office enough. You must make this your dentist!!!

-Rhonda Tantalo

Felt super comfortable right from the beginning. Every body that works there always smiles. Perfect business name for them. No pain. At all.

-Spencer Slasor

Going to the dentist was never a relaxing, happy experience until my visits to Dr. Gallien's office. Everyone is always in a great mood, which makes the patient in one too! Dr. Gallien and his staff are sincere about giving you the best care possible.

-Brenda Cemel

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I felt comfortable, everything was explained thoroughly and options were given. I needed a great dentist with s super supportive staff as I found at Smiles of Chattanooga. I am looking forward to my next appointment and treatment. Thank you.

-Cheryl Carter

Misty did a great job in cleaning my teeth. She was also very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Gallien did a great job, too. I highly recommend Smiles of Chattanooga!

-John Overton

Because of the GREAT reviews I made a last minute appointment here outside of my dental plan because I wasn't comfortable with my chosen plan dentist (Castle Dental) doing any REAL work on my teeth. I Could not have been happier with the experience. Everyone is super friendly, and you LITERALLY can NOT feel the shots Dr. Gallien gives because of his technique.

-Eli Schott

There really aren't the words to express the level of excellence in every aspect of the experience with "Smiles of Chattanooga", but I shall try. If you are interested in extraordinary dental care as well as off the chart warmth and consideration for your needs and wants in addition to genuine courtesy for you as an individual, then you have hit the "Mother Lode". They exceed any and everything you could imagine or hope for. Thanks for such a tremendous experience.

-Rose Presley

Everyone is extremely polite and comforting. Each person took note to family information and relayed to others as visit moved from one station to another. All personnel seemed to know their job and did it very well. I felt relaxed and important to each person! SMILES...SMILES...SMILES for the entire visit!

-Mary Wade

While visiting family and friends In Chattanooga, I was needless to say quite disconcerted when a tooth began to crumble inside my mouth, whereupon my sister recommended Smiles of Chattanooga; I could not be more pleased with my experience and highly recommend Dr. Gallien’s practice for anyone, whether resident or visitor, in the area.

First, the staff was quick to get me in despite the fact I had never been a patient there before, graciously working me in on the same day as the inquiry phone call. Moreover, examining their online presence before arriving, I was very impressed with the quality of the website. This positive impression was only furthered when I entered for my appointment to find a warm, inviting staff who went out of their way to ensure my comfort and ease. The office is nice, decorated in a posh, contemporary fashion, and my wait was not very long at all. Dr. Gallien is great-I’m instantly a big fan. Not only was he pleasantly congenial and receptive, he was also an excellent communicator, carefully relating in a calm and careful manner everything that he was to do, so as to reassure me throughout the procedure, staving off any anticipation or worry on my part.

And so my crumbling tooth had to go, and though it was curved in a fashion so as it was anchored into my gum, Dr. Gallien skillfully removed the tooth in one piece without the least bit of discomfort. I came away with my problem solved for a price that was entirely affordable. Ultimately, my experience was a very satisfying one, and I would like to end by saying thank you, Dr. Gallien; thank you, Jillian; thank you, Cindy; as well to the rest of the stellar staff for this positive and painless experience at Smiles of Chattanooga; oh, and lastly, thank you, sis, for the superb recommendation. I owe you one.

-W. Matthew Rogers

Well they came through again! Broke my front tooth Monday night and Dr. G and Cindy had it fixed by 1:30 Tuesday. Got to love them! If you haven't been to this office yet you really need to give them a chance. Nice atmosphere and wonderful Doc and staff. Love them all!

-Jeanne Wurdack

As usual, great 'welcome back' from the staff and a perfect cleaning session with Stephanie!!! Thanks for all your sympathy and professionalism!

-Rita Febrero

Such a caring, family environment! A truly pleasant experience at the dentist! Always striving to accommodate the needs of the patient!


My first appointment I was greeted with a smile and the best hospitality I have ever experienced by the ladies at the front desk. Then I got in the back and it was still continued hospitality. Misty was excellent in giving details as I asked and was able to assist me to the fullest. Believe it or not; my second appointment was the same way. I most say I am a stickler for great service and that's what I have received each time I go or call this office… I love it!!!!!!

-Miya Johnson

Thank you for going out of your way to make me comfortable!

-Corinne Fetingis

The service here was great. Everyone was very nice and always polite and smiling. Misty was awesome!!

-Julian Bandiaky

My recent visit to your office was excellent as usual. I didn't feel any pain either in the office or later as the doctor promised that I would not. He was true to his word. Thank you for the great service.

-Cindy Oxford

Dr Gallien and staff are exceptional and I have always wanted dental care that was state of the art. Dr. Gallien doesn't just heal or fix dental problems he educates his patients in preventive care and offers a special herbal toothpaste and mouthwash that is brought me healing and discipline to care for my teeth and gums. Thank you all.

-Mary and Bill Wier

I can't say I ENJOY going to the dentist, but... since I do have to go, I'm so glad I have someone like Stephanie Gabor as my dental hygienist! She is fast, efficient, and careful! In fact, it seems she knows what I need before I do, and is right there to assist me! I always enjoy seeing Dr. G, and all his very pleasant staff! Thanks You!

-Rita Britton

I've been to many physicians' offices and have never been treated so grand by everyone from the "new patient coordinator" all the way up to Dr. Gallien. I had all my questions - and I had many - answered in an easy to understand way and I feel that this is the place that can attend to all my dental needs in a painless way. Thanks to you all!

-Linda Perry

I visited Dr. Gallien's office yesterday to have my first cavity filled. Yes I'm proud to say that I've never had a cavity in my 30 years, however, I was pretty apprehensive about what it might feel like. I was greeted by a sweet and friendly girl named Amanda, who made to feel comfortable while I waited to be called back. Whitney came to get me and immediately put me at ease explaining a little about what she and Dr. Gallien would do. Dr. Gallien came in and explained a little about what I might feel. He made it seem like it wasn't a big deal at all! Through a little distraction technique I wasn't able to feel the injection to numb my tooth at all. The visit was over before I knew it and I was on to finish out my day. I would highly recommend Dr. Gallien and his staff to any person looking for a new way to experience a dentist office. They seem to truly care about me as their patient and have far exceeded my expectations as dental health providers!

-Meghan Campbell

Great experience, sweet people, sweet overall.

-Tanika Beavers

Love your "no pain" medicine and perfect fitting crown!!

-Corinne Fetingis

Well, once again, I've had another great experience at Smiles of Chattanooga with Dr. Gallien and his staff! They always make getting dental work done a pleasant experience, instead of something to dread. I highly recommend them for their prompt, caring and professional service...I drive 45 mins. One way to visit them!

-Mark Fossett

It was really good. Everyone was really nice and the waiting room is very comfortable. The technology used seems pretty advanced and they do a really good job with the cleanings and etc..

-Sabrina Bandiaky

Smiles of Chattanooga are a great place to receive dental work. Dr. Gallien is a wonderful person and a knowledgeable dentist. His entire staff is very professional and caring.


This dental office remains consistent it its ability to maintain a professional, respectful, and welcoming environment. Everyone demonstrates and/or conveys an air of authenticity with each individual who walks through the door. I do enjoy my visits to this dental office, and think it's the best in Chattanooga! I credit Dr. Gallien & his team for giving me the ability to smile with confidence. Additionally, he has corrected a major dental problem that a previous Dentist created. Plus, you can always get a hearty, belly laugh while on a visit there! I love them all! Thank you, Doc & your wonderful team of experts!


Dr. Gallien is an awesome Dentist. He has a caring and friendly staff. They make you feel comfortable and right at home. No intimidation here, love this place. I would highly recommend Dr. Gallien's office to anyone wanting to find an awesome, friendly, caring Dentist. His work ethics are extremely professional, and you will see by the beautiful results. He is a master at his work, very precise.


Phenomenal is the word that comes to mind when asked to describe my visit to Smiles of Chattanooga. At one time I feared going to the dentist, now, I actually look forward to my dental visits; but hey, who wouldn't when you are treated like royalty every time you go in!? Smiles of Chattanooga offer the most up to date technology that can detect problems early on before they have the chance to become big problems and that is super important to me! If you are looking for a dentist that is kind, caring, compassionate, and super qualified and an all around great guy, stop looking and visit Smiles of Chattanooga! Dr. Gallien and his team truly are the "Best of the Best" and will keep you smiling from the time you enter the door until the time you leave! From the girls up front to the girls in the back and to the doctor himself, thank you so much for the care that you have given to me and to all of the other patients who have been lucky enough to have had you put in their path! =D

-Amanda Shannon

I usually gag at everything so to my surprise this was not a bad experience. I was told from the start exactly what to expect and what to do to make this experience was as less gaggie as possible. The staff is great and I always enjoy going to the dentist. Thanks to all! :)

-Katrina Parker

Another easy and relaxed dental experience at Smiles of Chattanooga! Thanks again for fantastic customer service and investing in some of the latest dental technology. All that combined made for a very positive experience!

-Sandie Walker

I did not enjoy having a tooth pulled - but who does? Ok, maybe Bill Murray in 'Little Shop of Horrors'. But when I do need dental work, I can't think of a better place to go. The staff is friendly, cheerful, and professional. And, the Dentist's comedy relief is brilliant. He takes your mind to a more cheerful place. I loved 'The Sneeze'!!

-Chava Hoffman

I absolutely love SMILES OF CHATTANOOGA. The staff is SOOOO friendly, warm, and welcoming and Dr. Gallien is very nice, knowledgeable, and smart and knows his stuff! The office is fancy and they have high tech gadgets and you feel so comfortable there and they never make you feel self conscience about your teeth AT ALL. I would recommend to EVERYONE I know!

-Bonnie Pierce

I liked the cherry numbing gel. The animal video that I got to watch was good, too. My mom was very happy with how Dr. Gallien, Miss Cindy, Miss Amanda, and the rest of the staff treated me.


I have now had 3 outstanding experiences at Smiles of Chattanooga. Everyone that I had interactions with, from the front desk to the billing/accounting desk, was very friendly and helpful. The days of my dreading going to the dentist are long gone. Misty did a superb job cleaning my teeth and keeping me super comfortable and informed with what she was doing. Dr. Gallien did a fabulous job keeping me at ease while he extracted harmful mercury fillings from my mouth. As long as I am residing in Chattanooga, Smiles of Chattanooga will be my dentistry of choice!

-Rose Saturday

Misty shares wonderful people skills. Her work is excellent attention to detail. The most enjoyable office room to visit; Misty exceeds expectations! I continue to return to the office every six months. Remember, a visit with Misty will keep you from experiencing another office room that involves pain.

-William Heckathorn

The staff is welcoming and friendly and greets you by name. The dental hygienist should be called gentle hygienist because it is the first time I am completely comfortable in the dentist chair. Dentist is wonderful and provides a treatment plan for you but is not pushy about getting it done unless it is an emergency.


Always a real, real, real pleasant experience!!

-Joan Aho

Smiles of Chattanooga makes you feel like family the way they remember the personal information ie; family, emotions, likes/dislikes I have nothing but praises to give to these gifted individuals. :)

-Jeffrey Pinkerton

Wonderful staff of caring, kind folks, welcoming you into their dental family! Misty is gentle and encouraging with my cleaning! A lovely change in the waiting room too!

-Cassandra Riddle

All staff very friendly and explained everything appropriately. The experience was much more pleasant than anticipated.

-Polly Sisson

Always a pleasure and that is saying a lot for a Dentist office!

-Jeanne Wurdack

Great service as always; Misty did a great job cleaning my teeth.

-Kimberly Crocker

Chattanooga Smiles provides great Dental care with even better service (I know it's hard to believe).


On my very first visit to, Smiles of Chattanooga, I thought myself; surely I am in the wrong place, because everyone had these beautiful smiles on their faces, and the attitudes to go along with those smiles. I enjoy smiling, but I had the worst tooth ache and needed immediate attention, and knew that I would be turned away. Instead I felt a concern from this staff was so genuine, they treated me as if they had known me for years, and a very professional environment. Dr. Gallien and his staff took me right in, told me what the problem was, and he went right to work on solving it. Even with the tooth ache they brought a very big smile to my face. i love the positive energy and genuine concerns that you see and feel with, Dr. Gallien and the staff. For me this will always be the appropriate place for me and my smile.

-Charlotte Cosby

Everyone was so supportive and reassuring as they worked to save my tooth, my sanity, and calm my fears. They were kind, professional, encouraging, and took great care of me. Thanks, guys!!!!!!!

-Margaret Phillips

I love Dr. Gallien and his staff. When I walk in, I am always warmly greeted and kindly treated. I also appreciate how much the staff strives to make sure I understand each and every aspect of my visit. Thank you Smiles of Chattanooga for taking such great care my smile!

-Kimberly Swanson

Great quality of service; the best dentist I have visited in Chattanooga so far out of my 5 years living here. Most definitely will refer friends to them. They will continue to get my services! Thanks smiles of Chattanooga! :)

-Tameisha Knott

I would recommend Smiles of Chattanooga to anyone. Everyone is very friendly and considerate. I was very impressed with the extra care Dr. Gallien took when removing my old amalgam (mercury) filling.


I LOVED my experience with Smiles of Chattanooga! The service was exceptional and the people are genuinely concerned with taking care of you. Thank you!

-Kaysie Cumbest

To say I rarely see a dentist is an understatement. Smiles of Chattanooga have all my future dental business due to its professional, friendly, and clean office. Thank you.


Friendly staff. Efficient, competent workers. I recommend it.


The facilities are top notch and the service is very friendly and professional.


I came to Dr. Gallien after visiting my local dentist 3 times to get a veneer adhered that kept coming off. I was so frustrated with the situation that I decided to go to a new office which is why I ended up at Dr. Gallien's. He was very thorough with adhering my veneer back in place and it is attached wonderfully now. I went to him as a referral from someone that goes there already and I derived quite a ways from my home to see him and it was very worth it!! He was great and so is his work. His staff is warm and friendly also. I now have a new dentist for life. Thanks for everything!


An Outstanding Dentist with extremely competent staff!




The staff is friendly and they each seem to know my name.


After having consulted several specialists, I and Dr. Gallien finally established today a plan for my situation and I'm looking forward to start the procedure! The cleaning was also taken care as satisfactory as it can be!!! Thanks Stephanie!


Greeted in a friendly manner. Everyone very nice. Shots are painless.


This office always surpasses my expectations of what a doctor’s office visit should be! The scheduling coordinator got me in right away, the hygienist got me straight back to her treatment room and gave me a very gentle and through cleaning, and when it was time for Dr Gallien to do my exam I wasn't kept waiting. All the employees were happy to see me and made me feel welcome, as always! I love this office and everyone in it! I will continue going here indefinitely!

This office always surpasses my expectations of what a doctor’s office visit should be! The scheduling coordinator got me in right away, the hygienist got me straight back to her treatment room and gave me a very gentle and through cleaning, and when it was time for Dr Gallien to do my exam I wasn't kept waiting. All the employees were happy to see me and made me feel welcome, as always! I love this office and everyone in it! I will continue going here indefinitely!


Going to Dr. Gallien is a great experience. The entire office staff put me at ease the moment I walked through the door.


I've never been the biggest fan of the dentist chair, but my visit was by far the easiest and most "enjoyable" time I've ever had at a dentist.


Everyone from start to finish is accommodating and friendly. Both Misty and Jill were absolutely awesome to deal with. I've referred two friends just today.


Dr. Gallien is an awesome Dentist. He has a caring and friendly staff. They make you feel comfortable and right at home. No intimidation here, love this place. I would highly recommend Dr. Gallien's office to anyone wanting to find an awesome, friendly, caring Dentist. His work ethics are extremely professional, and you will see by the beautiful results. He is a master at his work, very precise.


This dental office remains consistent it its ability to maintain a professional, respectful, and welcoming environment. Everyone demonstrates and/or conveys an air of authenticity with each individual who walks through the door. I do enjoy my visits to this dental office, and think it's the best in Chattanooga! I credit Dr. Gallien & his team for giving me the ability to smile with confidence. Additionally, he has corrected a major dental problem that a previous Dentist created. Plus, you can always get a hearty, belly laugh while on a visit there! I love them all! Thank you, Doc & your wonderful team of experts!


I was thoroughly impressed with not only the atmosphere and friendliness of the office and its staff members, but also the professionalism exhibited by Dr. Gallian and his wonderful hygienists. As an individual that ordinarily feels anxious about dentist appointments, my visit to the Smiles of Chattanooga proved to be a surprisingly relaxing experience that I would strongly recommend to those that otherwise avoid their bi-annual visits as I have in the past.

-Lindsey Zehel

I would highly recommend this dentist. This was the best experience I have ever had at a dental office. The Dentist was great and his staff was so sweet. I was at ease the moment I walked through the door. They worked with the financial aspect and are able to space my treatment out to accommodate my financial needs. They really deserve the Best of the Best award!

-Ashleigh Meador

The staff at Smiles of Chattanooga is both professional and great at what they do. I recommend Dr. Gallien and his team to anyone who has had a bad dental experience in the past or any anxiety about dental work, they will make you comfortable and glad that you found them.

-Raquel Seibel

My visit to Dr. Gallien's office and his team at Smiles of Chattanooga was honestly the most pleasant dental visit ever. Smiles of Chattanooga are an appropriate name, because that is what the office is full of, Smiles. I felt comfortable and welcomed, and left feeling better than I did when I went in. Thanks Dr. Gallien and the Girls who make his office ROCK!

-Jillian Swafford

Excellent customer service. I was treated like a real person and not a dollar amount.


Great people, great equipment, great treatment. Always a fun place with top oral health for all.

-William Mills

Smiles of Chattanooga. is no exaggeration, from beginning to end of visit everyone is smiling and it is contagious, it puts you in a better mood the whole time, when they talk to you they look you in the eye, everyone is friendly and easy to talk to, this is the first Dentist office I can walk into with a smile on my face.

-Sheila Simmons

This was the best experience I have ever had. Dr Gallien is very personable and kind. It was by far the most thorough dental exam I have ever had. His staff was very friendly and they are very intentional in making sure you feel comfortable. The office was very clean; the waiting room has coffee, and water available to drink. You even get a gift bag when you leave!

-Kasy Trenum

Stephanie was as nice and efficient as usual providing me all answers and helping with my doubts.

-Rita Febrero

Office staff was pleasant and efficient. Dr. Gallien was reasonably on time and answered my questions. Marketing dental services by the Office Staff and Dr. Gallien was well done without the fear mongering used by several other dentists to keep me a repeat customer.


Especially appreciated the escort from my auto with umbrella when it was raining!


I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Gallien & his office! They are always so friendly and want to get to know each client on a first name basis. My personal hygienist is wonderful and Dr. Gallien is as personable and qualified as they come!!

-Taylor Trent

I have been coming here for pretty much my entire life and I will really miss it when I have to go elsewhere. Everybody there is extremely nice and always manages to remember what you talked about last time. Some people are afraid of going to the dentist, but if you have dentists as friendly as these I don't know why you would be.


Dr. Gallien and his staff are extremely polite, engaging and professional. I look forward to visiting their office, which I doubt few say in reference to visits to a dentist!


I was very impressed with everything involved in this visit. Considering I had never been there, I had an appointment within 2 hours! Every single person in your office made me feel so welcome and it was very soothing to me since going to a dentist is very nerve wracking for me. I was super impressed with all the technology and the fact you showed me everything involved in what happened to my tooth and how you planned on fixing it.

-Mary Gordon

Broke my front bridge on the first day of my vacation. Gail got me in on my second day back for a 4 hour session to restore my bridge. Cindy and Dr Gallien worked on me from 1 to 5, but I left smiling.

-Arthur Doucette

I would recommend anyone to your practice. Everyone is so nice and positive.

-Cassandra Riddle

Smiles of Chattanooga are a dental office that speaks integrity from the time you enter until you leave. The office is clean, the decor is relaxing and soothing, and the staff is very sincere, caring and personable. Last but not least Dr. Gallien is knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and has a way of putting you at ease. Just an over all good experience!

-Linda Wheeler

Professional attitudes and work ethics. Appreciate your thoroughness.

-Corinne Fetingis

The Best Dentist I have ever been too. Very pleasant staff.

-William Heckathorn

I had three teeth extracted and a filling all at once. Dr gallien numbed me three times to make SURE I felt no pain. His assistant brought me a blanket when I was cold, and what meant most to me, they let my husband stay in the room. Everyone was so nice and made a potentially bad and painful experience pain-free and pleasant one.

-Juanita Yakimowich

You folks have the most amazing marketing dept! Top of the line equipment, friendly staff, knowledgeable and 'cutting edge' could this NOT be the most successful practice in Chattanooga?? :)

-Jo Peckinpaugh

A delightful experience! Keep up the great work!



I have always had a fear of dentist but with the group at Dr. Gallien I am getting better. No matter what they always encourage me and they really take care of me. I don't feel like they just want my money they want me to be happy and smile.

-Cynthia Boyd

Very kind, helpful, patient staff. A pleasure to visit this office.

-Shawn Wiley

Dr. Gallien and his staff are incredible. I have felt so welcomed at his office, and I truly feel that each person I have worked with has taken a personal interest in my well-being.


They clearly take their work seriously, yet at the same time the crew at Dr Gallien always seem to be in a good mood and genuinely happy to be there and seeing to your needs. In this case Cindy called me up because she had a cancellation and she knew I wanted to get my temporary bridge replaced before I had to go on a business trip. I came in and was greeted warmly by Gail and Cindy and then thanked many times over the next several hours for coming in on short notice. Like usual I spent no time in the waiting room. I was quickly ushered in and then Cindy and Dr Gallien got to work. It wasn’t long before Whitney came in to check on my progress and inquire about how I was doing. Shortly after that Misty was in the room doing the same and also checking my ability to enunciate properly. Several hours later, with a now fully restored mouth, I went to check out and again they came by to see how I was doing and were obviously quite pleased with how well the procedure had turned out. That level of genuine care and concern for their patients, along with the skilled craftsmanship clearly evident in their work, are some of the many things that make this practice quite special.

-Arthur Doucette

Friendly staff, very good service, overall great dentist! Love that they give you options on fluoride/non fluoride toothpaste and love that they take a more holistic approach to oral care.


Friendly staff, very good service, overall great dentist! Love that they give you options on fluoride/non fluoride toothpaste and love that they take a more holistic approach to oral care.


By far the best dentist's office that I've ever been to!

-James Shannon

I always enjoy my visits to Smiles of Chattanooga. The office is extremely clean and inviting and Dr. Gallien and his staff are amazing. I feel very comfortable knowing Dr. Gallien uses the latest techniques and equipment. I didn't even feel a numbing shot during a cavity filling---he's THAT good! I highly recommend using Smiles of Chattanooga! They keep my smile beautiful, which keeps me SMILING!

-Melora Morgan

I believe if the Ritz-Carlton ran a dentist office, this office is how it would be run. The entire staff is so friendly and willing to go the extra mile. I have given a glowing report to all my family, friends, co-workers, etc. Keep up the great work!

-Alisa Wilkinson

All employees are courteous and greet each person who enters with a smile. The office is and nicely decorated, has pleasant background music and current reading material to use while waiting to be brought back into treatment area.

-Louis Bull


-Randy Flinchbaugh

My appointment was for two crowns due to cracked teeth. The experience with Dr. Gallien and staff was excellent. No pain with the shots or drilling of the teeth. I am a new patient and am very satisfied with the treatment that was done.

-Gary Radtke

As a new member of the community. I was delighted to find a Dentist office that made me feel right at home and took care of every dental need and question I had. Dr. Gallien's office staff is very nice and supportive and they take care of everything you need.

-Loman Martin

Dr Gallien and his staff do a wonderful job. They listened to my concerns, answered my questions and sought to make my experience the best it could be. They were even patient with my anxiety. Thanks Dr. Gallien and Whitney!

-Kimberly Swanson

So pleased with the staff at Smiles of Chattanooga. Everyone greets me with a warm and sincere welcome when I come in even at 8 a.m. Misty is great she does such a good job cleaning my teeth and that Dr. Gallien is so funny and really knows his STUFF!

-Bonnie Pierce

The customer service is incredible. They give multiple reminders of appointments via text, phone, and email. I forget things all the time so this is a great help. When I arrived I was greeted very nicely from every staff member that I encountered. The knowledge of the staff is outstanding. My favorite part of my dentist experience is that they weren’t afraid to share their knowledge with me. They didn’t treat me like I wouldn’t understand. It felt as if they were talking to another professional. I now know exactly why I have had some teeth problems. I also know how to resolve and prevent them in the future. The technology at Dr. Gallien’s office is top of the line. All this new technology allows them to be more accurate with finding issues and determining whether they could be reversed or need corrected. I really appreciated the before and after they were able to show me. I don’t have dental insurance and I had a good bit of work done and some left to do. The staff there was very helpful setting up affordable payment options for me. Overall, Dr. Gallien’s office gets my vote hand’s down. I’ve already referred my wife and I will be taking my daughter there as soon as she needs to start going. I will continue to refer people to Dr. Gallien.

-Nick Clark

I have not had a lot of luck with dentist in the past but my daughter told me about Dr Gallien,so I decided to give it a try, and everyone is wonderful, He is so great with you, makes you feel at ease and does great work, I haven't stopped talking about it and tell everyone to go there. I look forward to going back, He is by far the best I've ever seen.

-Kristie Gray

Everyone is friendly, procedures are done with care and Dr Gallien is the best dentist I have ever had.

-Debbie Sherrit

At each visit to Dr. Gallien's office, I am welcomed and treated with utmost warmth and kindness. The combination of knowledge on dental procedures and compassion can't be beat!! I was pleasantly surprised how graciously I was treated and how smoothly the procedures went. They made every effort to make it a calm and pain-free experience. They were as careful with me as if they would have been with their own family members! Thank you Dr. Gallien and staff!!!

-Kari Hazewinkel

Dr. Gallien and his staff are dedicated to customer satisfaction and top quality dental services. He and his staff use state-of-the-art equipment ensuring the best prevention and treatment of dental care. I highly recommend Dr. Gallien!

-Philip Gardner

Have to say this was by far the best visit I can ever remember. My family and I are trying to improve our health overall by becoming more pH balanced. We have been at this for over a year and because of this my checkup was the best it has ever been. I have always had huge build-up of plaque (no matter how hard I brushed or how often or flossed) and it was always so painful to go visit the dentist to have it removed. I always felt so bad for Stephanie since she is the one who struggled removing the plaque. But this time around I had very little plaque and was really a delight to say the least ... it was amazing. Dr. Gallien knew what our family had been doing from a health perspective and he said there is no doubt this was the main factor since acid is one of the main culprits to bad gums and plaque. I do appreciate Dr. Gallien and his staff's encouragement in staying the course with the pH perspective. I have been to a few dentist and none of them have ever told me how I could take preventive measures in keeping my teeth clean and having healthy gums with the exception of Dr. Gallien. We live in Birmingham so the 3 hour drive is well worth it and would recommend Smiles of Chattanooga to anyone!

-Brian Schultz

I hadn't been to the dentist in a long time and everyone made me feel very welcome and at ease.

-Jaqueline Strand

It was the first of many dental visits where I felt like the staff had my best interests in mind. Continue to recognize the fact that customers are what keep a business, in business.

-Donna Presley

Best of the Best for dental practices!

-Donna Presley

Whether for a cleaning or a crown, I never want to find a way to avoid coming to Dr. Gallien's office. I know I will always be greeted with a smile and treated as family. Everyone is focused on making sure that your visit is a pleasant experience. Dr. Gallien and his team successfully deliver knowledgeable dentistry and high quality service with a smile.

-Jodi Maeder

I am somewhat "dentaphobic", but felt relatively at ease in the environment. The staff was welcoming right off the bat and Dr. Gallien was timely and responsive to my concerns and questions. I'll be a regular and will refer others.

-Warren Wood

Very relaxing, professional atmosphere and staff. Dr. Gallien was prompt and answered my questions and concerns.

-Warren Wood

The staff at the office made me feel very comfortable they are very friendly and professional cant forget all the beautiful smile when you walk in. I had always been kinda scare to go to a dentist but here they made me felt like comfy. So i am glad that my first dental experience was a pleasant one.

-Jonathan Pen

I have not always had the opportunity to say that going to the dentist was a pleasant experience; however, it was at Dr. Gallien's practice! Everyone was attentive, extremely nice, very respectful and showed a genuine appreciation that I had chosen them as my dental care provider!! I can definitely see why the are rated "Best of the Best" in Chattanooga!!

-Dawn Caudle

Every person I encountered seemed genuinely concerned with making my experience as pleasant as possible. It is an office full of caring professionals who are skilled at providing excellent dental care.

-Janet Weaver

Great work! You are the best dentist I have ever visited.

-Kimberly Crocker

I would recommend this dentist to anyone. The whole experience was very pleasant. The office staff is friendly. Then dentist is really great.

-Doris Patterson

The best in Chattanooga.- No question.

-Holly Ortwein

I've been a patient in numerous dental practices over the years--looking for that combination of professionalism and and friendliness. Dr. Gallien and his staff are right on the mark.

-Sue Givens

Dr. Gallien and his staff were very friendly and informative. My hygienist, Stephanie, was very gentle and thorough. I would recommend them to everyone.

-Edith Radtke

A visit to Dr. Gallien's office cannot be compared in professionalism, quality, and most importantly genuine kindness and care, with any other medical office establishment I have ever visited. Dr. Gallien takes time with his patients, earnestly listening to their comments and concerns, and does all he can do to help them above what they even ask for. His employees are some of the most genuinely nice people I have ever encountered. They make you feel like family as soon as you walk in the door. Sometimes I forget I am even in a dentist's office! I greatly look forward to my visits to the dentist because I know I am getting the best care possible and that I will get to see and visit with wonderful people. If all medical establishments were run as wonderfully as Dr. Gallien runs his then I truly believe the world would be a better place.

-Lindsay Schultz

My visit to Smiles of Chattanooga seemed like more of a social outing than a dental appointment. They staff all knew my name, and they made specific efforts to ensure my comfort. Dr. Gallien has increased my self-confidence tremendously as a result of my dental work - I smile without self-concern. Thank you for being such a wonderful, customer-minded dental office.

-Wendy Oliver

I was fitted for a crown, a cavity filled and a retraction done. Through the whole process Dr. Gallien kept making sure I was comfortable and was numb enough that I did not feel any pain. Dr. Gallien and staff are very caring people. I would recommend them to everyone.

-Edith Radtke

The best experience and the best dentist in the USA!

-Nancy Long


-William Mills

Everyone at this practice goes out of their way to make patients feel comfortable, by remembering your name, taking an interest in your family and life, offering blankets, and anything else they can do make you comfortable. They ALWAYS run on time, so I have never had to wait.

-Richard Schneider

Impeccable customer service. Extremely friendly & courteous staff. State-of-the-art facilities. Simply, the best dental experience possible!

-Richard Smith

Service thus far - a new patient - has been highly professional and very graciously extended. All employees are focused on providing excellent and timely care in a truly affable manner.

-Bruce Stewart

The extraction was performed without pain and the staff support, as usual, as excellent in order to assure a good and safe procedure.

-Rita Febrero

Dr. Gallien's staff is friendly and professional. His practice seems to be very high tech. I like the text and e-mail interaction.

-Gaye Oliver

The staff is outstanding. They are extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Dr. Bob is AWESOME!

-Thomas Oliver

I had an enjoyable dental experience!!

-Matthew Fetingis

My name is Kandace. I have been a patient with Dr. Gallien approximately three years now. Pleasant and courteous staff set in professional atmosphere with pleasant surroundings for a brief wait period. Prompt and aware of patient’s time schedule in relation to scheduled appointments. I absolutely love Dr. Gallien. He offers cutting edge techniques with in-house services for his customer's. With every visit, Dr. Gallien is friendly, smiling and upbeat. His attitude is contagious... I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for professional, courteous and timely dentistry work. P.S. He has a huge screen in his waiting room with smaller screens in the patient's rooms...they scroll the most tranquil and relaxing scenes to view while having your work completed. Love them. Thanks for your commitment to customer's as number one.

-Kandace Tanner

The best dentist and office professionals I have ever been too.

-Chad Tapp

This was the best staff I've seen in my entire life of going to many different doctors/dentists. And I've been to other nice dentists/doctors. This is different. They go the extra mile. They make you feel valued, important and cared for. They cater to the patient. I was very impressed also with the technology they use for their different dental treatments. They are very much "into" the patient. It's hard to explain, you just have to be there to experience it.

-Bonnie Thain

Great atmosphere. Everyone is so caring and concerned about your needs.

-Betsy Mills-White

Friendly, personable, professional.

-Ron Phillips

I don't think I even need to tell you guys how much I love you, I tell you every time I see You!!!!!

-Jeanne Wurdack

A professional in every aspect. Pleasant and congenial while providing excellent service.

-Louis Bull

The best ever---at last it is a pleasure coming to the dentist.

-Stephen Edwards

IT is great to get a lot of work done in just one visit and live thru the experience. Nice people make a difference and you have them there.

-William Mills


-Ron Phillips

Such a great group of caring folks. They always manage to make me feel relaxed (which, by the way, is quite a chore when I'm at the Dentist!)and at ease. Dr. Gallien's commitment to excellent patient care is evident in every staff member. So glad I found this office.

-Julie Tolbert

Again, like my first visit, it was a pleasure to be treated by such a kind, friendly staff. I'm very pleased with my fillings and crown he put in. Excellent!

-Bonnie Thain

As a medical professional I know its hard to find excellence in service and a compassion that cannot be touched. The service and compassion provided here cannot be matched. The office is a valuable resource that Chattanooga is lucky to have in town.

-April Elliott

Outstanding, Excellent, and Wonderful.

-Lizette Torres

My visit at Smiles of Chattanooga was a wonderful experience. I had a lot of questions and Dr. Gallien and his highly trained staff took time with me and made me feel very important to them. I was given a through exam and everything explained in its entirety to me. I felt very comfortable and sincere concern from everyone there. The best dentist office I have ever been in and I am 63 and had tons of dental work done in the best. Thank you Smiles of Chattanooga for the supreme treatment.

-Betty Willoughby

Smiles of Chattanooga provides the friendliest service of any business I deal with. The staff is knowledgeable and genuinely interested in the quality of service they provide. Great as usual!

-Nick Clark

Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The entire staff makes going to the dentist as enjoyable as it can possibly be.

-Nancy Irvin

Dr. Gallien and the entire staff are wonderful. They are very professional, friendly and the best dental practice I have ever been to. I have to say, until going to this office I never liked going to a Dentist (not my favorite people), but it is a pleasure and great experience for those of us who are dental chickens. Look in the dictionary my picture, with a new smile, will be beside dental chicken.

-Patricia Bull

If you find a better Dentist then you are not in Chattanooga. You might won’t to move here.

-Timothy Keith

You feel right at home the minute you walk in the door. Dr. Gallien and his staff make you feel that you are not just a patient, but a friend.

-Brenda Cemel

Going to the dentist has been at the bottom of my "to do list" for some time. I decided that this would be the year I finally start taking better care of my teeth. I researched local dentist on the Web and was impressed with everything I read on Chattanooga Smiles website. My first visit exceeded my expectations. The dentist and hygienist were very thorough, conscientious and friendly. I was also glad to see that Chattanooga Smiles is using some of the latest technology, which makes me feel more confidant that I'm getting the best and safest treatment. I'm so glad that I finally made the first appointment and am on my way to having a healthier smile!

-Sandie Walker

All the staff are very friendly and did everything possible to make sure that I was comfortable. My experience was very good.Dr. G and the wonderful techs.made sure that I was aware of what was going on. They are highly skilled and I hardly felt any discomfort and feel confident that the work done is the highest quality. I am so thankful for Smiles of Chattanooga.

-Betty Willoughby

Everyone, I mean, everyone in that office, from the front desk to the back, is just so welcoming and sincerely kind! Dr. Gallien is so professional and takes the time to talk with each of his patients, making us all feel welcome and relaxed. Misty is incredibly gentle with her cleanings! Such a postitive environment and a positive experience.

-Cassandra Riddle

My experience at Smiles of Chattanooga was extraordinary! From the initial phone conversation, to the greeting upon arrival, and all the way through the entire visit, the staff provided warm smiles, words, and shared a genuine spirit of professionalism on a level that was also very personal. I was impressed to say the least. Smiles of Chattanooga goes above and beyond to ensure you feel welcome and special. They ask personal questions about your preferences of/with a dentist and about receiving information and treatment. Their knowledge and willingness to provide excellent service says so much about what is important to them as well. I have only had an exam and have yet to have any work done, but so far, my expectations were exceeded. Thank you Stephanie Langford for recommending them and thank you Smiles of Chattanooga. You have a lifelong client.

-Heather Beach

I couldn't be anymore pleased! Everyone is so friendly, professional and knowledgeable! Thank you so much!

-Brenda Boggs

Every staff member went out of their way to make me comfortable during my visit.

-DeAnn Barnette

Can you believe it? I actually look forward to my dental visits. From the first time I walked in the door, I was hooked. Dr. G and his staff had one concern. ME! It was all about me! My comfort and well-being. Addressing my fears (Yes, I was a dental coward). After years of neglect and periodontal disease I have had drillings, fillings, cleanings and an implant. All this with NO PAIN! Dr. G makes sure I'm comfortably numb no matter how long it takes. Everyone is very patient and I'm never rushed through any procedure, because it's all about me! Thank you Dr. G, Misty, Gale, Cindy, Whitney, Jill, Stephanie and Amanda. I love each and every one of you!

-Kathy Rich

My experience was awesome at this dentist. I have never had such a painless shot by a dentist ever. I will be changing my children’s dentist to here as well as telling everyone I know about my experience. Never in my life have I enjoyed a dental visit and I was in pain when I went there, even though there wasn't a permanent fix that day I was pleased and comfortable that day. Great interaction with the patients as well as friendly staff. That's how to run a medical office. Many Dentists and Doctors would benefit from just visiting and watching how the office is run, and how well the staff interacts with patients. Thank you and see you soon.

-Robert Cummings

Best dental group ever!! It's the five star restaurant of dentistry.

-Stephen Edwards

Today I went back to Smiles of Chattanooga for part I of II of my cleaning. The visit with Stephanie and the girls was very pleasant and I enjoyed my tie there. I felt that the cleaning was thorough and the time allotted was not too fast or take up too much of my day. I anticipate my next appointment, which is in three weeks--which was my only disappointment. Thank you, girls!

-Heather Beach

Thanks to everyone for making my first visit a friendly and pleasant experience.

-James Cagle

Wonderful, wonderful people and a great experience overall. Misty was so thorough and she always kept an eye out for any pain or discomfort. I have, now I should say HAD, a healthy fear of dentist and had not been to one in many many years. Thanks to everyone at smiles of Chattanooga showing me that I too can have a pretty smile. and they're so daggum nice all the time.

-Demetrice Sco

I think your office is one of the most relaxing places to come. When you walk in the door you get a very good feeling. I would never go anyplace else. Thank you for making me feel so good.

-Terry Braxton

Steph Gabor? was my hygienist and she is TERRIFIC! thanks to all the staff -- top notch marketing, very warm and welcoming staff, on top of all the latest technology...what more could anybody ask for?!

-Jo Peckinpaugh

My dad and sister referred me to Dr. Gallien and I'm so glad they did! Everyone at the office was so nice and made me feel at home!

-Kelly Hill

Awesome staff and dentist. The most comforting dentist office I have ever been to.

-Rose Foxworth

The service I received at Smiles of Chattanooga was excellent! I could not believe how hospitable the staff was, especially the DDS himself, Dr. Gallien. My appointment was in the late-late afternoon and even then, every staff member I passed said hello, or made eye contact. Even being there for the first time, I really did feel like family.

-Tara Harris

Good morning, I am back at work today and i have very little pain in my jaw. Thanks for the good job!!!

-James Cagle

Things were taken care as efficient as usual. Thanks Dr. Gallien and Stephanie!

-Rita Febrero

Dr. Gallien and his staff were amazing! I felt instantly welcome from the moment I walked in the door. They took the time to get to know me. What a great experience! Most businesses should take lessons in customer service from Smiles of Chattanooga!

-Kristen Maurice

Wonderful staff that are always friendly & super accommodating to needs. Staff is also very professional & all I have encountered seem to really know their specialty. Would recommend this practice to any & everyone!

-Taylor Trent

Outstanding customer service from the second I entered the door to the second I left! Thank you Dr. Gallien for introducing me to your colleague. Thank you Misty for taking the time to listen to my family's recent ordeal and for another top notch cleaning experience. Thank you also for your encouragement concerning my dental care. Everyone was wonderful as always!

-Jeffrey Greer

I just switched dentists and had my first cleaning. They made me so comfortable and relaxed that I almost fell asleep during the cleaning! That has never happened to me at other dentist visits!

-Kelly Hill

This was my second time getting fillings. The first involved the dentist saying "Imagine what it was like back when I was a kid" when I squirmed, this time it felt like I was being waited on hand and foot! From noise canceling headphones to block out the sounds to whatever amount of numbing it takes to get you comfortable, it was a great experience considering I was getting my teeth drilled!

-Tara Harris

Dr. Gallien and his staff go above and beyond the expected customer service level every time I've been in for an appointment - they're even super-nice when we have to re-schedule! Love, love, love going to this dentist's office!

-Lynn Beatty

I enjoy being around people who just seem to care about what is in your best interests!

-Stephanie Troy

I was amazed that there are still businesses around with such wonderful customer service! The entire staff, including Dr. Gallien, was soooooo pleasant and friendly!! I have already told friends and family about my experience at their office. Definitely recommended!

-Erin Dake

Everyone was extremely friendly. Best experience at the dentist I ever had.

-Michael Newman

I know I just posted a review, but there is a postscript - I needed an adjustment done, and Dr. Gallien and his team worked around my schedule, seeing me on my lunch break! I didn't even have to take extra PTO! They are the absolute best, and definitely the most accommodating dental practice anywhere!

-Lynn Beatty

Everyone was super happy and super nice! They are just flat out good people! And they do good dentist work! Roll Tide :)

-Stephanie Troy

Always professional and really care about their patient's well being and smile!

-Joshua Ingle

First off let me tell you that it’s an awesome team that works there. Everyone was so extremely nice and patient with me, I had to wait a little bit longer, but honestly the way they treated me more than made up for it. I have already told my friends what great people work there. The dentist Dr Gallien was great as well... The atmosphere was a totally spectacular experience. I felt a heart warming welcome. You can’t find this level of genuine service everywhere. Thanks so much for everything every one of you guys done.

-Stephanie Emerson

The staff at Smiles of Chattanooga are always so nice. It is not something that wears off after you have your first visit, where you quickly become a walking number. They always find time to greet you and learn your name. This visit was for a second filling. I mentioned that the last time the medicine seemed to take a lot of shots to get my mouth completely numb. This was quickly remedied with a change to the medication. Dr. Gallien was professional and swift! He managed to keep me entertained with his wireless headphones (connected to my own MP3 player) and did not cause any discomfort. When the appointment was over, the receptionists were both very very sweet (along with the hygienist who gave me extra chap sticks!) and all complimented my silly doodles. Thank you for the clean-teeth-bill-of-health and I am looking forward to my next adventure in dental cleaning.

-Tara Harris

I am still smiling after the last few weeks of my dental work...first temporary crowns and then a root canal and finally the permanent crowns went in today!

-Kelly Hill

From the moment you walk in the door it is obvious that the Smiles of Chattanooga staff prides itself on 100% customer satisfaction. Friendly greetings, easy to understand explanations of procedures and world class dentistry skills provide an unparalleled sense of comfort that make the experience simply pleasant.

-Ryan Hurtt

I have been ashamed of my teeth my entire adult life. Growing up I may have brushed my teeth once a week until I knew better. As a result my teeth are incredibly bad. I had another dentist for years and my teeth continued to deteriorate. I finally worked up the courage to go somewhere else and thank you Lord I found Dr. Gallien and his crew. They did not judge me for my nasty teeth and have had INCREDIBLE patience with my dental "anxiety/terror". I have complete confidence that my complicated dental problems will soon be in the past & for the first time I don't think my future includes dentures at 40!

-Melissa Davis

If you want true professionalism with the latest technological equipment presented with a smile and efficiency---come here!!!


Having been a former client of Dr. Gallien’s, I am thrilled to have found him again - opening his own office has allowed him to put his personal touch on everything and his staff is incomparable! I have already given out several of the referral cards - I will be a big voice for this office!

-Keely Johnson

You guys are the BEST! Friendly and timely service with people who seem to genuinely enjoy their work. Always a pleasure walking through the door.

-Gail Hunter

There is not a nicer dentist or employees in the Chattanooga area.... you can walk in and it's like family. Oh and shots... yeah I hate them too, but I'm telling you... HE IS WONDERFUL so gentle and I never feel it! WAY TO GO SMILES OF CHATTANOOGA! THANKS FOR BEING ON HWY 58!

-Cindy Klassen

The staff was friendly and respectful. The technician was ready and prepared at the appointment time. The cleaning was done well and all questions were answered. I highly recommend them to anyone with a dental need.

-Louis Bull

As always I received excellent care. Dr. Gallien and Cindy are the best. The took great care in fitting my new crowns, and making the impressions. They are very kind and caring and so professional in all they do. The entire staff are awesome, such a pleasant atmosphere of love and caring , making sure that all your needs are taken care of.

-Betty Willoughby

I haven't been to a dentist in 2 years after the previous dentist did some bad work. I cracked a tooth and knew that I couldn't hold out any longer so I choose Smiles of Chattanooga just because they don't use mercury and man I was very impressed, they are very professional and take their time with me that I feel very comfortable and relaxed to be there. I found my new dentist.

-Larry Beavers

Well, it was time for my check up. Yikes, they seem to come around quick. Being the "Dental Chicken" that I am, I pulled up the old boot straps and went. As usual, it was a great experience. The staff was wonderful, as always, and I left with the pride of a first grader getting a good report card.

-Patricia Bull

The entire staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. Stephanie, the hygienist was wonderful, and Dr. Gallien was very professional yet personable. I've already referred a friend.

-Heather Stover

I've had an awesome experience in your office. Dr Gallien, your staff is awesome. I was so impressed with the service I rec'd. The gift bag was a nice touch. Misty was great in explaining to me exactly what procedures were required & also she along with your front desk staff made every effort in making me feel comfortable. I will be referring my family and coworkers to your office. Thank you all so much for making me feel as if I walked into your home instead of your business. That's just how comfortable I was from the minute I walked in the door. Dr Gallien, you have a great staff & it was a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for being so kind, efficient & professional.

-Sharon Jenkins

Stephanie did an exceptional job on cleaning my teeth. I am still astounded as to how friendly and courteous Dr. Gallien's entire staff is when you go the office. I would recommend this Dental Facility to anyone. Great Job!

-Gary Radtke

I read on one of the posts that “His shots don’t hurt” and I had to feel it to believe it. HE IS WONDERFUL if you need any work completed. I didn’t feel a thing while getting the shots AND he kept taking his time to make sure that I was numb. The staff ALL SMILE and seem to be so happy to be employed there! Thanks Dr. G and staff!

-Cindy Klassen

I have been seeing a dentist since I was a child, and always dreaded going knowing what the outcome was going to be. When the sedation wore off I would be in a lot of discomfort, wouldn’t be able to eat, and wouldn’t be able to sleep. Since going to Dr. Gallien, I no longer have that problem. I have been through some pretty intense procedures, and each time, NO PAIN!! Dr. Gallien’s professionalism and the professionalism of his staff is off the charts. I am extremely grateful to be a patient of Dr. Gallien and his staff, knowing that when I go to the dentist, I am in good hands.

-Robert Chauncey

My husband started going to Dr. Gallien a while back. I had not been to a dentist in years due to illness with my mother and fear of what would be found. I finally gave in and what a great first visit I had. The entire staff, along with Dr. Gallien, made me feel like family and I never felt like there was any pressure on what I should have done. It is now a month later, and boy do I love to smile! I work with the public and have not stopped smiling! Thank you to Dr. Gallien and the entire staff (family) for changing my life.

-Deborah Pruett

I travel 45 minutes from home to get the attention your dental team provides to me. Dr. Gallien has shown he is a skilled dentist with his hands and knowledge of what is the best approach in solving my dental needs. I love the personalities here; everyone smiles and has a great uplifting spirit. My experience here was so good, because I do not like to come to the dentist! You make everything ok here. Also, the office is very clean; many businesses are not clean. I have a tough-ornery personality and no one argues with me. You all try to serve my needs and desires by listening and educating me about my teeth. You do not appear to be trying hard to be pleasing-it seems to be natural and genuine.

-Lynne Mayer

After extreme carelessness by a previous dentist caused me to loose 6 teeth, Dr. Gallien and his staff, having bought the offending Dr’s business, stepped up and corrected what he could. Dr. Gallien, understanding how traumatized I was, worked with me on paying, and offered help and support in many ways, always with a smile.

-Melanie Moore

1. Great staff.
2. Comforting environment.
3. Love the assurance of no pain during any procedure.

-Michelle Cash

1. The quality of dental care is excellent.
2. The variety of services is appealing.
3. Reputation is sterling.
4. The staff is excellent and makes me feel like family.

-Debbie Williams

I am a “sister” of Jean Key, who is your patient, along with her granddaughter Ascah Key. I have brought them to your office recently m and was very impressed by the office atmosphere, and the work of Dr. Gallien. I am referring my daughter and anyone else looking got a dentist’s office to your office!

-Pam Watkins

I learned about the doctor through a mail-out. The staff is super the Dr. does a super job I will recommend their dental work.

-Lee Fick

I came here originally because my father had recommended it. He told me about the pricing as well as the great services provided. Until I actually made it here, I did not know what he meant. The quality of service, customer satisfaction, and overall work atmosphere is absolutely amazing. I have been here twice now and enjoy it more than the dentist I had been seeing for eighteen years. You really do practice what you preach. You all are doing a fantastic job. Thanks!

-Tyler Walker

1. Among the best dental work I have had.
2. You accept my insurance.
3. You offer all the care I need. Most of all you have the best, most qualified, friendly, and beautiful staff I have ever seen.

-Stephen Edwards

Referred by a friend, I had been looking for a dentist for some time that did not do amalgam fillings; I was interested in having mine replaced. Everyone is friendly and gave you a feeling that you were at the top of their list. I feel Dr. Gallien is honest about your needs. I like the crowns being made here and not having to always come back for crown “seating.”

-Ruth Thompson

I wanted a dentist in the Chattanooga area that could remove old amalgam fillings using a safe process. Dr. Gallien was able to do that, plus do a wonderful job repairing my teeth. They look and fell marvelous thanks to Dr. Gallien and his kind, knowledgeable staff.

-Anna Huddleston

I am very happy with the excellent quality and service that Dr. Gallien and his entire staff have given to us since they have opened. The complete offering of all their services is very important to us. They go out of their way to five us the best care in the city.

-Bruce and Nancy Krebs

I needed to find someone who could safely remove mercury fillings. This was the closest location (2 ½ hours) and I was impressed with the entire office: efficiency, professionalism and care. Dr. Gallien is on the cutting edge of expertise and skill. My chances of living a toxic-free life are greatly enhanced.

-Suzanne Schultz

The friendliness of the entire staff and the speed and efficiency of service, assured me that I had made a good decision in switching my care.

-Connie Borders

I was deathly afraid when I walked in for the first time. But, every single person went out of their way to make me feel welcome and took above average care of me and my teeth. I have already told several people what a pleasure it is to come here. There really is a difference between this office and others I have been too! Thanks!

-Holly Ortwein

Everything Dr. Gallien does is done right. He is always aware of the patient’s comfort, too.

-Diane Dzenko

His shots don’t hurt. I love going to the dentist.

-Alissa Dzenko

We originally chose to come to Smiles of Chattanooga based on a referral from a friend. We chose to stay because we found Dr. Gallien and his staff to be the most competent and friendly dental team we’ve encountered.

-Jonathan and Patricia Smolen

We chose Dr. Gallien because of his expertise in mercury removal. He is the only doctor we found that offered the stringent guidelines for mercury removal; which was very important to us, because mercury can be a poison and cause many health issues. Not only did the doctor do an outstanding job, but the entire staff was extraordinary. Their genuine concern for their patients comfort and well being is beyond the professional call of duty. The staff not only lift your smile, but lift your spirit. It is a true blessing to say that they are a part of our community.

-William and Angela Morgan

I really didn’t know what to expect from Dr. Gallien because I had gone to the same dentist in North Carolina my whole life. Brand new to Chattanooga, I chose Dr. Gallien initially from his website; however, the experience will keep me coming back! The atmosphere, friendliness of the staff and quality of service e here are better than I could have imagined. Thank you-you have a client in me for life!

-Erin Minor

It's always such a pleasure to have any experience with Dr. Gallien and his staff. They are always so comforting and professional! They make what most people feel is a stressful experience (any dental procedure!) and turn it into a pleasant experience! The fact that they truly enjoy interacting with each other carries over to the patients. I have found a dental care home!

Mark Fossett

My mother was looking for a second opinion and Dr. Gallien was referred. She liked it here so much she never went back to her original dentist. She invited me to meet Dr. Gallien and now I am a patient of his. This office works very hard to make their patients happy. Whether, it is dental or just working around a busy schedule. Everyone in this office remembers who you are and always makes whatever experience you have a good one; yes, I am referring to a dentist office!

-Carrie Ingle

Implants were virtually painless.

-Reba Dotson

Had a dental emergency that I wanted and needed taken care of for cosmetic reasons. Your office worked me in within an hour of making my call and then to my surprise- upon arrival I was greeted with a friendly smile and a gift bag! I am one that has shied away from dentists due to anxiety, but I felt at home and comfortable the entire time. I was extremely satisfied and will definitely be making your office my new “dental” home. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much.

-Carrie Sheets

Everyone here is incredibly nice and truly concerned about my experience. It’s nice being someone, not just another patient!

-Carmen Padgett

Did not feel pain! Just Great!

-Vivian Crocker

This visit has left me for the very first time with little pain and discomfort. I’ve never experienced this much satisfaction going to a dentist. I would recommend anyone of my friends and family. This was so great! I’ve never had it so easy before.

-Sheila Simmons

Having worn partials for years, I wanted implants to make my life easier. Dr Gallien offered this service, so I made an appointment to get his advice. I received six implants and Dr. Gallien was gentle yet very professional. The next day, I had no pain. This was a great experience for me and I highly recommend Dr. Gallien to everyone. He works in a professional manner and has an excellent staff. All the employees made me feel very comfortable. I will continue using Dr. Gallien’s expertise from here on out.

-Lutricia Peaks

The most relaxing visit’s I have ever had; totally painless, an awesome staff and Dr. Best dentist I’ve ever had!!

-Matthew Huggins

Doctor Gallien did an excellent job removing the mercury from 9 of my teeth. They were all so full of metal that they had to be crowned. It was a long procedure, but Dr. Gallien was diligent to protect me during the mercury removal, going above and beyond to make me comfortable. As far as appearance, my teeth have never looked this good before. I highly recommend him for any procedure, especially mercury removal.

-Suzanne Schultz

I have a severe dental phobia and the staff and Dentist at Smiles of Chattanooga made me feel comfortable without embarrassment. I had a large amount of work done on my first visit and experienced no pain whatsoever. I would recommend Smiles of Chattanooga to those needing restorative work like me, or those looking for cosmetic improvement. They really are great.

-Thomas Blanton

My experiences at Smiles of Chattanooga have been extraordinary. The staff are very friendly and professional in every way. My comfort was their top priority. I have had to have all my amalgam fillings removed for health reasons. In one visit I had two amalgam fillings removed, one crown put on and three root canals extracted and I felt no pain during the procedures or even after I got home. Dr. Gallien has all the modern technology and equipment available in his office to give the best care around. We live 120 miles away but it is well worth the drive for the excellent care we receive. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Gallien and his wonderful staff.

-Rose Chapman

The name fits Smiles of Chattanooga, they are so nice everyone keeps you smiling

-Lula Busby

Really enjoyed our first visit. Everyone was very friendly and made us feel like they were glad we were there. Many office personnel make you feel like you are interrupting their personal life even though they are at work...not here. Very nice to experience real customer service.

-Autumn Patton

I was in for my 6 month cleaning. The staff are always timely, and very efficient. Friendliness is natural for all of them. I feel like part of the family when I visit. They have the latest in technologies for cleaning teeth, taking pictures of teeth without discomfort, and now having the ability to test for bacteria's to further prevent! I love Dr. Gallien and all the staff. The best dentist I've EVER had in entire life. You will be amazed as well.

-Clark Thompson

You all really go the extra mile to make going to the dentist enjoyable

-Joan Koch

My children began seeing Dr. Gallien last year. I was established with another dentist but not happy with recent visits. I called to schedule an appointment and I was spoken to as though I was a dear friend. Upon my arrival I was introduced to all the staff. My hygienist and Dr. Gallien was patient when explaining the procedures I needed and made sure I was comfortable with the treatment plan. I have never been ANYWHERE that everyone I encountered was friendly and seemed genuinely glad to help me. The receptionist and account mgr. where helpful and friendly while scheduling future appointments and payment plan. I would highly recommend Dr. Gallien and his staff to anyone (that includes children).

-Margaret Perry

Smiles of Chattanooga has brought back a valuable quality which is seldom found these days. FIRST CLASS SERVICE. Aside from the fact that the dental work our family always receives is by far the best in town, we can also ALWAYS count on being treated like we are VALUED customers. Little touches by remembering your name, things that have happened in your life make the experience of going to the dentist feel like a visit to extended family. Smiles of Chattanooga will not only improve the appearance of your smile, but will instantly put a smile on your face. If you are looking for professionalism mixed in with a sense of genuine caring and compassion, this is a dental office like no other!

-Richard Schneider

I saw Stephanie today for my cleaning and she did the most amazing job! Very gentle and my teeth feel amazing! I will be coming back for years to come!

-Misty Smith

Once again I was more than pleased with my experience at Dr. Gallien's office. The entire staff were genuinely friendly and made every effort to make sure my visit was as pleasant as possible.

-Margaret Perry

These people are the friendliest and most professional group I have ever seen!

-Joshua Ingle

The staff is always so friendly and act like they've known you forever. The hygienist did an excellent job as usual.


If I could give them 10 stars, I would! I love Dr. Gallien & his staff - they are THE BEST!!

-Jana Marshall

visit went great thanks to all the smiling faces!

Barbara Bates

Everyone is always extremely nice and friendly. The staff and Dr.Gallien are always laughing and smiling. Oh, and they do a great job on your teeth too.

Heather Stover

All I can say is...THE STAFF IS AWSOME!!!!!

Mimi Cheatham

Everything is worth the extra overall cost because of free things like a sealant w cavity fillings and the state-of-the-art technology. Only complaint was slowness in communication about insurance, which turned out to be for good reason.

Benjamin Jackson

PKite-Powell had the most wonderful, cheerful, painless dentist office visit EVER in my life thus far (and I'm over 67 years old). I was pampered & spoiled by loving, very qualified and capable experts. Every point, crevice, crinkle a tooth can possibly have was very carefully examined and x-rayed by skilled, trained, and educated hygentist and technicians. There is no doubt in my mind it is the best examination I have experienced in all my years and I know the hygentist and Dr. Gallion both have advised me expertly and with very careful consideration.

Pamela Kite-Powell

The process of moving you from one decision stage to the next was smooth. From the Hygenist turning over to the doctor and then on to the Finance individual which helped close the deal. The menu presentation by the finance person was quick and to the point. Then turn back to the Hygenist. I signed up for the Platnum package with all suggested products. I might however want to sign up for the zero percent on 12 months. Great Job to all staff!! I am a manager at a auto dealership and I wish I could get that service from all my sales people.

Brad Beshear

Wonderful office staff, technitians, and Dentist. I will never change dentist . They are all wonderful. Thanks to all there.

Patricia Bull

By far my favorite dentist office ever! They are professional and courteous. Excellent at what they do. I would recommend them to anyone!

Robert Maurice

Dr. Gallien and staff are exceptional and saved my and my spouse's teeth, and also offers herbal products especially designed for the best dental and gum care. Bill and Mary Wier of Chattanooga

Mary Wier

I am not a person that enjoys going to the dentist. In fact I dread it. Everyone at Smiles of Chattanooga are so kind that it makes me forget that I'm scared. I have always had a pleasant experience at their office. My husband and four children all go to see Dr. Gallien now. We love it here.

Heather Sterchi

As usual, I had a wonderful visit! They never keep you waiting, do great work with very little discomfort, and answer all your questions. With smiles of Chattanooga, you never have to stress about a trip to the dentist.

Mark Howland

As always everyone was wonderful! I just love my Misty! See you March.

Jeanne Wurdack

My hygienist, Stephanie, is the best, and gives the guidance so well on how to care properly for my teeth, without her, I would not have the best instruction for this care. The staff is caring and nurturing, for sure. I am very grateful to Dr. Gallien and staff!

Mary Wier

Warm and friendly welcome. A tender touch cleaning with a thorough check up by Robert Gallien, DDS

Gene Cline

Always wonderful everytime I come!!!

Miya Johnson-Smith

Thanks to Dr. Gallien and the wonderful staff at Smiles of Chattanooga, I had an easy and comfortable dental appointment. Thanks for your outstanding level of professionalism!

Sandie Walker

I have had a lot of work done to my teeth at Smiles of Chattanooga and I can honestly say that I do not mind ever going to my dentist, Dr. Gallien! He is wonderful at what he does and all his dental assistants and hygienists are so incredibly sweet!!! Everyone is extremely thorough and amazing at what they do. Love them!

Andrea Cash

Thanks to Dr. Gallien, my emergency dental care saved my tooth and I am very grateful for his care and expertise. I was one day away from a lot of suffering and Dr. Gallien saved the day for me. He is the best.

William "Bill" Wier

Misty did a great job in cleaning my teeth. Dr. Gallien and his staff continue to do a wonderful work!

John Overton

From the moment I first walked in the entire staff was very friendly. Misty, my dental hygienist was very personable and took time to explain every procedure. She made sure that my comfort came first. I have been very pleased with my experience so far.

Jeremy Davis

I am a very nervous dental patient. Every one at Smiles of Chattanooga took the time to make me feel comfortable. The experience was beyond my expectations. As stress free as they could make it and totally pain free, which is the most important thing for me.

Diane Pierce

I'm not a good/easy patient, but I had a good experience with great people to make me as comfortable as possible! Thanks!!

-Austin Massingall

As always, Misty took excellent care of me, especially since I had just had a medical procedure done on my back that morning. I look forward to visiting our family dentist!

-Jeffery Geer

Always a great experience. Very professional but friendly and outgoing too. I highly recommend Dr. Gallien and team to anyone for dental work of any kind.

-Louis Bull

From my first visit, they made me feel like they had known me forever and I was special. Dr Gallien is the best Dentist that I have ever had. His Staff is wonderful. I would recommend Smiles Of Chattanooga to everyone. Thank you Smiles of Chattanooga, keep up the good work.

- Anonymous

I have never been to a dentist office who was so kind, friendly & professional. I was welcomes wheh I entered the door, the staff were just amazing and the Dentist was the best he showed me how much he cared and that I was important and i would leave there looking & feeling better. I have choosen the right place. Thank you God!!!!!!

Marian Turnbow

my cleaning was very pleasant. thank you!

Corinne Fetingis

You can always be guaranteed that the quality of service wil be excellent. All the employees are very good and thorough at what they do. Very relaxing atmosphere, especially for it being a dental visit.

Andrea Cash

As usual Stephanie was great and the whole staff was warm and wonderful...the dentist I'm not sure about...he's kind of mean and ugly!! Kidding...hope no one get this but you.

Sharon Duble

Had a great experience my first visit. Thank you Dr. Gallien. You have a great staff too. Glad my wife, Cheryl, sent me to you.

Curtis Carter

Typical visit - nothing to complain about. Keep on keeping on!

Joan Aho

This was my first full visit and it was wonderful. They are all doing friendly and caring. They truly care about the patient. I would advise them to anyone!

Holly McCallie

Both my wife and I agree that we love going to Dr. Gallien's office at Smiles of Chattanooga. Everyone is always extremely friendly. Dr. Gallien is very straight forward about treatment, and gives very clear expectations of what is going to happen. Misty, our dental hygienist, is always very friendly. She talks to us throughout each session to make sure it passes easily. She also takes extreme care to ensure that we are never in any discomfort. Our dental appointments are something that we now look forward to!

Jeremy Davis

Beats pulling teeth in the summer time

Joan Aho

It's always such a pleasure to have any experience with Dr. Gallien and his staff. They are always so comforting and professional! They make what most people feel is a stressful experience (any dental procedure!) and turn it into a pleasant experience! The fact that they truly enjoy interacting with each other carries over to the patients. I have found a dental care home!

Mark Fossett

They bend over backwards to make patients feel comfortable. I wish more business had had this kind of service.

John Cox

The BEST Dentist and Staff all round. Everyone is soooo friendly and courteous. They help to calm your nerves. I truly do not mind going to the Dentist anymore.


My visit was very productive. All my cavities and teeth were fixed and look better than in 2 decades due to acid erosion. I now just have to show them off. The mental and psychological support of the whole team changed my whole persona. I became a much happier person due to my 2 recent visits. They care for the whole person.

Nancy Diwan

I got great service and felt very welcomed

Larry Beavers

As always they take such good care of me that I don't mind going. Cindy even picked me up at my house and took me to the office to fix a broken tooth after hours on friday night. It doesn't get better than that!

Jeanne Wurdack

As always they take such good care of me that I don't mind going. Cindy even picked me up at my house and took me to the office to fix a broken tooth after hours on Friday night. It doesn't get better than that!

Jeanne Wurdack

I want to tell everyone I know how natural you made my front teeth look after recent dental work. Just wish I had know about you and your staff after years of not very good dental care and not knowing where to turn to for help. Thank you a million times. I was so impressed that I referred my husband to you and he is looking forward to his preventative care. Thank you,

Cheryl and Curtis Carter

To Stephanie, My cleaning was excellent as expected, you are always thorough and ready to answer my questions. You really went above an beyond at the end by taking the time to introduce teeth cleaning to Madyson. You made it fun and not threatening at all giving all the instruments names and asking her to open her mouth like an alligator. Madyson is still so tickled about getting to suck the water out of the cup with "Mr. Slurpie"!! She was still talking about it when she woke up this morning. Dr. Gallien you're great too of course, but Stephanie took the cake on this visit! xoxo Meghan

Meghan Campbell

Top-notch skill and atmosphere. Very friendly and knowledgeable and have recommended to my friends.

Archie "Jay" Craven

Very nice people who make the experience a little nicer.

Robert Pierce

I recently had work done with Dr. G and despite having Fibromyalgia and being much more susceptible to pain, experienced almost none. The almost is due to pain after the initial numbing, as soon as I told them the air was hurting me, they stopped, numbed me some more, and afterwards NO PAIN! The staff is always very nice, everyone is helpful, and Dr. G makes you feel at ease. I'm referring both my husband and my mom to him. If you want to go, tell them Cass Webb referred you, I get a credit (just another perk!)

Cassondra Denny



No one thought that my regular dentist could do my implant, I would have to go outside of his office. Well no one knows MY DENTIST - Dr. Gallien he is IT! I send everyone I know to him! His staff smiles and is always happy! And greets you my your name without looking at your chart. We love having him on Highway 58!

Cindy Klassen

All of you were Great Misty you did a great job thank you.

Timothy Keith

So happy with my visit


My visit was awesome and everyone was great. And thank you so much for getting me in so fast. Oh, and it's always good that nothing was painful!!!

Loretta Carpenter

all good, all the time

Stephen Edwards

It was a great experience as always. Didn't have to wait hours for my appointment to start - Check Everyone on staff was friendly - Check Didn't have to wait hours in the chair for the dentist to come in - Check Free Cookies - Check :D

Robert Carter

Great staff It was pleasant experience

Bill Stanley

Dr Gallien, Whitney, Misty, Jillian, Gayle, and Melanie went above and beyond, as usual. Thanks

Reid Swanson

Honestly the most comfortable visit I have ever experienced at the dentist. Great staff. Great people.

Ryan Richardson

Outstanding job. The office is very good about listening to your preferences about how you like to have your teeth cleaned. In my case, not really being a fan of going to the dentist, they listened and were very gentle with the cleaning. Put me totally at ease.

Elliott Flick

I cannot say enough good things about this practice! Wonderful staff, dentist makes going to the doctor a pleasure....I would recommend this place to anyone!

Taylor Trent

Might be the only office in town that could make a tooth extraction somewhat enjoyable.

Max Quinlan

This dental office is GREAT. The staff is so pleasant and professional. Dr. Gallien is the best!!I had a tooth extracted and didn't even know he had finished. No pain at all. I have referred several people and will continue to send patients his way.

Beverly Gorsuch

Thank you for taking care of my teeth which my other dentist wasn't doing. I want to keep my own teeth as long as I can and I know you can help me do this.

Curtis Carter

I had a pretty stressful childhood dental history with lots of work having to be done. After 4 years of not going to a dentist, I decided it was finally time to get things in order, and Dr. Gallien came highly recommended. I can say he didn't disappoint! My initial appointment was an assessment which resulted in my purchasing a molded night guard to help stop grinding my teeth during the night (leading to some pain). My second visit was a hygiene visit and despite some anxiety, the visit went great. As expected, I have some work to be done (some crowns and fillings), but that was completely expected and Dr. Gallien and his terrific staff did a great job of working with me to develop a plan to get a pretty expensive amount of work done over a few visits to get me healthy again. They analyzed my mouth and determined I was a good candidate for the CariFree treatment, which I also elected to use. Best of all, my work in a few weeks will be with oral conscious sedation, so I am not dreading my visit nearly as much as in the past. Dr. Gallien is friendly, capable, and not at all condescending regarding my anxiety or recent absence from regular dentist visits. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Eli Kennedy

How many people can say "I love going to the dentist"? Well the staff at Dr. Gallien's office make the experience the best it can be each time I am treated there. I can honestly say I don't dread my appointments and I always leave smiling! Gale and Melanie start the appointment off with a friendly greeting and exude professionalism. Misty, Stephanie, Cindy, Whitney, Katie, Jill, and of course Dr. Gallien are all amazing at what they do! Each staff member knows my name and anticipates my arrival. It is nice to feel like you are being taken care of by a team of friendly, competent, professional people who have your best interest at heart!


The experience was great! Painlessly and Professionally done :)

Katherine Holsomback

As usual, it was a great visit to the Dentist. Normally, going to the Dentist is not high on my list of fun things to do but everyone in the office makes it a great visit. From entering the office and being welcomed by the staff, who all know your name without looking at your chart, to leaving with a brighter smile. GREAT PLACE, GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT DENTISTRY!!

-Patricia Bull

I was pleased with the experience of going to Chattanooga Smiles. They went above and beyond call of duty to answer my questions, explain my issues, and they made sure I understood what was going on and what my options were. I felt valued and appreciated as a customer. I was in awe the whole time I was there. They are beautiful people inside and out. Wow! Is what I can say for the professionalism shown.

Barbara Valmont

Everyone there introduced themselves to me, made me feel comfortable and at home. Complimentary beverages, snacks & tooth brushes! They were amazing; I look forward to making them our family dentist.

Sarah Smith

As always my visit was exceptional. When we think of service industries today, we have too often lost some of the most important elements of what service means. Not so here. Smiles of Chattanooga does not refer to the name of the provider; rather, it refers to the people who provide the care of each individual. The people make the experience something that is very special. From the time I enter the door I know that I am an individual who will be treated with respect, compassion, and graciousness. I am an individual and not a customer. I like that so much--and what a novel idea, caring for those served and seeing each of them as someone special. I am blessed to have these folks in my life providing something so valuable. They are in a word--priceless.

Jeronnie Phillips

"Smiles of Chattanooga" continues to offer superior dental care with a personal, caring touch! The staff always makes you feel like family & genuinely cares about you! Bravo goes out to the entire staff! :)


Love my hygienist ...she is really caring, good, professional and friendly.

Carole Guest

I was searching the internet looking for a good dentist in Chattanooga and along with some other names Dr. Gallien office came up. As I began to read the reviews I was surprised to see his office was receiving top ratings every time, I thought no one can have a 5 star rating every time. So I decided to check it out for myself. The only disappointment I have is there is only 5 stars to give and not more (-: I have been telling ALL my fiends about my wonderful find!

Loretta Morgan

Wonderful, fast, efficient service with my emergency cracked tooth which had happened late night before! The well stocked waiting room fed my mother coffee and snacks during the early morning hour I was having my work done. In and out in no time! On with our day of shopping and visiting family! Just a slight inconvenience in my busy day thanks to Dr. G and staff!

Rita Britton

Chattanooga and ofDr. Gallien and staff are the best in fer the best preventive care and herbal products!

Mary Wier

Great customer service, best dental experience ever!

Candace Chafin

The staff and I have worked hard to improve my dental health. They truly care about one's well being and will do anything possible to make one feel comfortable and at home!

Joshua Ingle

Every visit is excellent and office atmosphere is unlike anywhere else.

Debra Bodine

I have the best dentist and hygienist in the world. Courteous, efficient, helpful service by gentle-natured people - who could ask for more from a dentist's office? Thanks, Dr. Gallien! You and your staff are the best and I recommend you to all my friends.

Tiffany Gibby

I look forward every time I have an appointment with Dr Gallien. I know I am going to given the best treatment from the time I enter the door to the time I leave. This past Thursday was no exception. They all give great service with a smile!

Jeffrey Greer

Dr. Gallien and his staff are always friendly and precise. There is never a wait for me. They remember our family each time, we are very happy we found them.


My visit last week was great. The staff was incredibly kind, as usual. I will be a repeat customer for as long as I live in Chattanooga. Thanks

Barry Crouch

You guys are the BEST!! Not only an extremely knowledgeable staff but the friendliest around. Thanks for always making the visits so pleasant.

Belinda Hunter

Very friendly staff! Excellent service! And the office is very tech-savvy!

Latoya Walters

perfect job. I have been to many dentists around the world in my live therefore I know what I am talking about.

Ulrich Dankerl

Thanks for being flexible enough to accommodate my late arrival; the visit was completed with pleasing results in a most congenial manner.

Aileen Carroll

Gentle and positive. Thank you for praising me for taking good care of my teeth!!!!! :D

Corinne Fetingis


Erin Dake

My wife got me started with Smiles of Chattanooga, and I love it, the staff is wonderful, the service is outstanding. They are always on time. They greet you by name when you arrive. It is the smallest things that have the biggest impact sometimes.

Mark Klassen

I was very pleased with every aspect of my appointment. It started on time and took an appropriate amount of time to complete. Dr. Gallien came in once the cleaning was completed and inspected the cleaning job as well giving me my normal dental check up.

Louis Bull

My first visit @ "Smiles of Chattanooga" ... all I can say: AMAZING! Everybody so friendly and nice that I felt immediately at home :-) This is the place to go -> you don't feel like any other patient, you feel like THE MOST IMPORTANT PATIENT. I am still overwhelmed ... Thank y'all for this great experience!

Heiko Juerges

Could not be more pleased with Dr. Gallien and all his staff.

Sandra Bales

Very impressed with the staff. Always smiling and caring about comfort and making experience go as well as possible! Dr. Gallien is very knowledgeable and explains everything he is doing in detail.


From the time I walked in to just barely over an hour, Dr. Gallien and Cindy had prepped, made and "installed" a brand new crown! Awesome and amazing to have all the latest tools and trained personnel to use it and have such a great experience in one easy trip to the dentist's office. You guys are the BEST!!!

Belinda Hunter

Dr. Gallien and his staff make going to the dentist as comfortable an experience as possible.

Jana Harris

I've lived in Chattanooga now for 2 years. I was needing a dentist and starting looking and comparing. Dr. Gallien was said to be a dentist who approaches dental work with the "full picture" in mind. He was said to approach dentistry in a "natural, holistic" type manner. This turned out to be totally accurate. He was very accurate and precise in what all he did for me, also he has a loving, caring approach to how he relates to the patient. Furthermore, every one of his staff was the same as well. Praise God! There's no question that the Lord brought me into their care. When you enter the office, you WILL feel what I'm talking about. That much love and compassion totally fills the whole environment. Thank the Lord for Smiles of Chattanooga!!!

Bruce Thornburry

My visit was on time and was Met with Very pleasant personnel and I had excellent treatment in cleaning and installing my parcel plate and most of all, no pain. Dr. Robert Gallien DDS keeps up with the latest procedures and most of all, he has the best equipment to treat his patient. Mr Gallien is one of the few in TN. to have Digital imaging equipment.

Ralph Murphey

I just love Dr Gallien and his Staff. They make you feel special, as if you are the only person there.

Mildred Stephens

Everything was well prepared and the whole treatment was perfect.

Ulrich Dankerl

Today was our first visit to Smiles of Chattanooga. The entire staff wonderful and we enjoyed our visit. I don't think I have ever had such a pleasant experience at a Dentist office. Thank You

Decorian Jones-Montgomery

My most recent visit to the dentist was as expected - GREAT! My appointment started on time. I was treated professionally. There was no pain. My questions were fully answered. I wish everyone could have the result that I have. I highly recommend Dr. Gallion and his staff to anyone who needs a dentist.

Gaylia Oliver

Thanks to Dr. Gallien and his entire staff for another great experience. My kids said "can we always go there when we need to go the dentist?" Absolutely. Worth the drive from Dalton.

Jennifer Merryman

I love the staff. The Dr. is the best. They are all sooooo nice. Don't mind going to the Dentist at all.

Mimi Cheatham

Dr. Gallien and his staff gave top notch care during our recent visit. My husband commented on the practically pain free visit and how much he appreciated the dental appointment. We will definitely be visiting again.

Todd Farlow

I need another star to rate your service higher. I have never felt so much care at a dentist office. I felt so relaxed and comfortable there. Everyone was so caring and helpful I recommend people to come and get the experience that I had in the office. Wonderful, thanks you so much.

Vaughn Wyatt

Can't beat him. Excellent dentist.

Jesse Manoni

Over the years have visited a few local dentists with little bedside manor. Was pleasantly surprised and delighted to see not all offices are the same. Everyone was so nice and smiling! Will recommend to all my loved ones.


Everyone was wonderful. They are very committed to keeping you comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Gallien and his staff to anyone!

Sandy Knox

Very good atmosphere. Very nice people.


It's always fun to visit Smiles of Chattanooga. Dr. Gallien and his staff are the best; they really make you feel very much at home. The whole experience is wonderful.

Elisabeth Fortanier

I've had continuous problems with my lower jaw not going numb for dental work. Needless to say, I was apprehensive when I found out I would have to get a crown. Dr. Gallien mentioned that it would be fine. IT WAS BETTER THAN FINE! For the first time in my life I had no pain at all! Not to mention the work looks great! THANK YOU DR GALLIEN!

Nichols Cookson

I have had it all.......braces for teeth straightness/alignment, crowns, general fillings, whitening and the six (6) months cleaning. I cannot give enough "kudos" for this professional service. I am truly blessed to have found such a caring dentist and devoted staff. I highly recommend "Smiles of Chattanooga" to all of my friends and acquaintances and I have the SMILE to stand by my comments. I thank each and everyone of the staff who go beyond all expectations in giving patients undivided attention and in meeting all the needs of comfort and concerns. This office is "FIRST CLASS". I would give it ten (10) stars......If you are in need of dental treatment, this is the place to go. Call now and set up your appointment. Thanks Dr.....thanks Staff. Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to my next visit.

Jim Adams

Friendliest dentist office i've ever visited.

Michael Brady

I am always amazed at what a pleasant experience it is to visit Dr Gallien's office. Pleasure and pleasant are not two words typically used when visiting your dentist. Everyone is so professional and friendly. The office's top of the line equipment makes for a quick and painless visit no matter what you are there for. Thank You.

Nancy Irvin

I have had lots of dental work over my lifetime and my first experience was the best I have ever had. Both the dentist and dental assistant were the most gentle and caring dental professionals I have ever encountered! Thank you for making this such an easy process, and I know it could have hurt and been very hard to deal with. You are the BEST!!!

Katheryn Kurrelmeier-Lee

Dr. Robert Gallien and staff are the premier dental practice in Chattanooga, relaxing and soothing atmosphere, caring people, gifted hands. I am so grateful to have found them, their expertise is saving my gums and teeth. The wonderful Dental Herbal Products are the best, giving the power of herbs to help the health of the gums and teeth which also protects the rest of the body. Thanks to Dr. Gallien and his staff!

Mary Wier

My daughter had referred me to Dr. Gallien a few months ago, but I had yet to make my first appointment. I was prompted to make that call when my crown fell off unexpectedly. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived for my appointment that very day! The staff and Dr. Gallien repaired my crown quickly and with absolutely no pain involved! This is by far the most positive, professional clinic I have ever visited. I have since been back for additional preventive care & services. I will most certainly refer others to Smiles of Chattanooga!

Cathy Gibson

Jessica did a great job in cleaning my teeth. She was very informative and friendly. Dr. Gallien also did an excellent job. Keep up the good work!

John Overton

My husband and I both loved our experience with your staff. Very hospitable and friendly! We could not say enough good things about you guys. We have told everyone we know about how sweet and professional the staff is. You guys were so sweet and took care of our baby girl for a bit while I went in for a cleaning and my husband was coming out of one. That was so very sweet of you guys! Awesome place!

Jacquelin Gunther

When my work was more extensive than anticipated, the staff found a way I would avoid having to make a second trip for the dental work. As always, the staff is friendly and attentive!

Debi Stone

As excellent delivery of service from all staff members. Thank you for consistent quality of care and such a warm and friendly environment!

Kathyanne Purnell

Coming into the office makes coming to the dentist a pleasant experience. Love the friendly staff and Dr. Gallien is Awesome.

Joyce Montgomery

Okay, I know it's a dentist office and that you're suppose to smile, but Smiles of Chattanooga really is the happiest and most pleasant dentist office that I have ever been too (I've lived in 3 states and had 6 different dentists). You just can't beat the atmosphere. Moreover, they're amazing at what they do. It would take moving again to ever get me to go to another dentist.

Sarah Bass

My last visit to Smiles of Chattanooga was wonderful as always! As usual, I had a very minimal wait time. Gail and Melanie, as usual, greeted me by name and with a smile. They took the time to ask about my family (calling them by name also). My cleaning by Stephanie was gentle and my teeth felt shiny and clean. I am always impressed that Dr. Gallien always remembers me and takes the time to ask about my family and farm! I love coming here! Its as if I have known these people for years and they are friends, more than just my dental team! I don't think I will ever want to go to another dentist office!


Everything was top-notch. Very professional staff, short wait and friendly environment make going to the dentist as least unenjoyable as possible. I look forward to seeing the office after the renovations. Glad I found you.

Jennings Scott

Coming from someone who trembles with anxiety from the simple mention of the word "Dentist", this really means a lot. Not only is everyone at SoC friendly, and professional, they're also knowledgeable and very eager to help. They understood my fear, and made me comfortable and calm throughout the entire visit. They made my visit pleasant, and I am very happy with the service, and all work performed.

Nate Mayo

Becky was amazing with our daughter, Madyson! It was her first dental cleaning and Becky was patient with her and made it fun. She explained everything she was going to do in a fun, age-appropriate way. Thank you so much Becky, you made a potentially scary situation for a 4 year old so easy!

Meghan Campbell

I had a wonderful visit. Dr. G and Whitney are the sweetest, most efficient and gentle dental professionals I have ever known! Although I had a bridge that needed extracting and replacing, they took great care of making sure I was not in pain and that I would be able to deal with any subsequent pain after the procedure. If anyone ever says they don't like to go to the dentist, just tell them to visit Smiles of Chattanooga and they will quickly change their mind!

Katheryn Kurrelmeier-Lee

My first experience with Jessica as my hygenist was excellent. I felt very comfortable and was glad to receive another good report. I look forward to my next visit in the remodeled office

Jeffrey Greer

Love that Dr. Gallien's office is so considerate of taking care of everyone's special needs with care, concern and pleasantness.


Nice staff, great waiting room, they understood that I was money conscious. Overall very pleased.

Katherine Dishman

I am impressed with the new teeth cleaning girl, Jessica, she is so sweet and kind. Very professional and friendly, the doctor has done it again with his fine crew of people working for him, keep up the good work.

Larry Beavers

Because of Dr. Gallien's Office recommendation of using a HyrdoFloss, my cleanings are marvelous!! Thank you for your expertise in helping me take greater care of my teeth :D

Corinne Fetingis

Of course, the staff is great and it feels like fun to come there. However, Dr. Gallien is ugly and grumpy...kidding. He is a charmer of course!

Sharon Duble

Whatever the service, from having my teeth cleaned to having an implant I trust that I am with a team that are experts in the business. They always make me comfortable and I can count on getting them to take care of my needs. I matter to them. They are not near where I live but the drive is worth it for the confidence of knowing I am getting the best care.

Linda Quinn


Leslie Chase

The people are friendly and the service was great

Jarrett Ealey

My appointment was a remove and refill filling, and extract a wisdom tooth. I was nervous. Dr. Gallien said I'd be fine. He was right. AGAIN. Zero pain from the needle to the end. Plus, everyone is in awe that, over 24 hours later I am STILL in NO PAIN. I just tell them, "Smiles of Chattanooga. Dr. Gallien."

Corinne Fetingis

I am always excited about my visit with your office, The staff is always so friendly and thoughtful. I get excellent care and respect. I am Blessed to have you guys.

Love much, Allison Turnbow

At Smiles of Chattanooga I always have a good experience. They have the most updated equipment and procedures. I know I can trust them. I reccommend them to anyone.

Linda Quinn

The staff was friendly and courteous. The work was done well and promptly. Thanks

Louis Bull

Always a great experience! Do not mind going to the dentist at all. How many people do you know that can say that! Love you all, yes and especially you Cindy!!!!

Jeanne Wurdack

My experience at Smiles of Chattanooga was great. Everyone was very nice and did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. As for having my tooth extracted, I have no clue about that. Felt nothing, which was great. Thanks, Dana

Dana Johnson

I'm always pleasantly impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of all of the staff including Dr. Gallien. Even with half of the office being under construction they kept the facility clean, easy to get to, and comfortable.

Nichoals Clark

Relaxed, comfortable setting. Gracious attitude from all the staff. Felt right at home, and that's saying something when in dentist chair.

Angeline Sullivan

I'm always treated like one of the family!

Kelly Hill

Very professional staff! I appreciate how everyone takes the time to build a great relationship with the patients :) VERY IMPORTANT: This is a mercury free practice.

Emily Brandel

Smiles of Chattanooga's front desk was without a smile when I visited two Fridays ago, and it was felt in the environment. However...THIS past Thursday, it was nice to walk in and receive a warm smile/greeting. In the dental chair, my Dental Assistant provided me with headphones,music and a blanket while prepping for the Dentist. I like the innovation and thought that goes into client satisfaction. I am also thankful for a skilled Dental team who know how to make each client feel unique .....and make me laugh.....even under the influence of gas! Thank you SOC, you always get 5 star rating from me. Me luvs my teeeefusiss (teeth!).


Who could ask for anything more? Excellent in personal treatment, They start on time and go the extra mile on details and service. Your treated as the only one in the office that they caring for treatment.

William Heckathorn

Staff and Service are always exceptional. Thanks!

Max Quinlan

Just wanted to tell you that I believe more of my teeth could have been saved if I had you as my dentist a long time ago. If only people knew how good you are, they would be beating down your door to be seen. Your fees are reasonable and I always feel like a team player participating in my care. God bless you and thank you for being My Dentist.

Cheryl Carter

friendly, thorough, quick, enjoyable as could be expected.

Benjamen Jackson

The best experiences at the dentist ever, YOU are a wonderful team thank you for your friendly, caring outgoing service.

Barbara Pistolich



Bill Ackerman

Overall a fantastic experience! Very friendly, courteous staff and excellent dental work. I have had crown repair and general checkups and plan to keep going.

Terry Barbour

My first dental experience. Courteous People who will make you feel comfortable.

Somxay Sengchan

Dr. Gallien and his staff offer - Excellent - Friendly Service. When you have an appointment there is Very little waiting. Doctor Gallien offers Objective feedback about how my daughter was doing on her brushing and personal hygiene. They all seem interested in the patient and want us to take care of our teeth. Prices are comparable with other dentists in the area but the knowledgeable staff is way above average. We drive 50 plus miles because he was the only dentist in the area that was knowledgeable enough to even want to talk to us about our situation. He has the best interest of the patient in mind!

Rex Baker

This is the best place to get your teeth clean. Excellent staff, very friendly and courteous. Take my word for it and go check it out, you will not regret it.

Lizette Torres

Dr. Gallien is by far the best dentist I have ever been to. He has a great personality, knows his dentistry, and is always looking to improve the patient's experience. He hires great staff members as well. Everyone knows your name and treats you like family.

Andrew Pierce

Excellent as usual. It was very reassuring to know that the changes and expansion in the office will not change who serves me and my family. While I am pleased for Dr. Gallien and his ability to expand his practice and office, I feel very good about the knowledge that he will continue to be my dentist and his current staff will continue to provide the services I need.

Jeronnie Phillips

Wendy was great and very sweet. I will definitely tell my friends

Amy Clark

I was pleased with the friendly staff and the quality of service that I received yesterday. I will certainly recommend them to others.

Steve Jones

I went in for a routine cleaning and found the experience very nice. They are friendly, professional and accommodating. Was a very pleasant experience.

Linda Hong

Very pleasant. I have sensitivity in one tooth and Stephanie the hygenist put some medication on the tooth and I felt no pain while cleaning. They always go the extra mile to make sure the patient is comfortable.

Gary Radtke

Thank you for taking such great care of me! The anxiety I experienced was very well managed by the staff. Thank you

Layla Peden

I am so thankful for the staff at Dr. Gallien's office who were so helpful during my dental work this week. Each staff member did an outstanding job to taking care of me... mostly Dr. Gallien who got my wisdom tooth out without pulling off my head! :) I really trust SMILES in every way! Thank you!!!

Nancy Tomanelli

Visit was great start to finish. Thanks Smiles of Chattanooga.

Dearra Ginder

Appreciate your treatment options. Enjoyed meeting Wendy.

Aileen Carroll

Excellent! Thanks to all my friends at Dr. G's office!

Rita Britton

Good Visit, You are doing a good job of managing Customer care and comfort during construction. And I always get good service.

Edd Forsythe

The people are very nice and friendly and seem to care about their patients. Though the cost is rather high it, seems to be worth the price. I will recommend them and will be back when needed.

Steven Jones

I am the biggest baby when it comes to doctors and needles. So needless to say when I made the decision to have my amalgams removed I did my research on a coward friendly dentist. BOY DID I HIT PAYDAY!! The staff was amazing and Dr Gallien is a complete ROCKSTAR!! I never saw a needle and never felt any pain. How amazing is it to not only have your amalgams removed but have your crown made and installed on the same visit? This dentist and his staff are worth any drive from anywhere. The name of my business is The Queen of Weight Loss and Smiles of Chattanooga truly makes you feel like royalty. Thanks so much cannot wait for my next visit!! Grateful, Alisa

Alisa Slattery

My husband and I have the best dental care in Chattanooga since we found Dr. Gallien and staff. His expertise and program of preventive care has protected our dental health. The attention to detail and friendliness are true gifts! Thank You!

Mary Wier

Good, Quality care. Can't wait to see the new offices. Waiting for an email re. treatment plan for repair of the upper teeth. Was not getting any call backs from the office re. questions concerning my daughter's bill- called three times and left messages (FYI), so as of this date, I have not paid on the bill. At the time of my appt. I asked for a printout, will now pay towards the bill. Thanks.


Thanks for having such a welcoming office and staff. You guys are the BEST!!

Belinda Hunter

Very friendly and prompt service, as usual.

Barry Crouch

I was impressed by the professionalism and warm, welcoming attitude the entire staff expressed towards me. I felt confident and well-treated the entire time. I was surprised at how much technology has changed dentistry (in a good way). My hygienist was very gentle (a welcome trait!!!) Will get five stars when renovation is finished!

Christopher Childress

They really do go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable and happy while you are there for your appointment! Also, the fact they support your dental health using natural products and procedures is a huge plus!

Tiffany Hayes

My experience with Smiles of Chattanooga has always been enjoyable, and I know enjoyable and dentist doesn't go together, but the staff at Smiles makes those two words fit like a glove.

Jerry Bales

My Very First time visiting Smiles dentistry was very successful, I would recommend this dentist to anybody, they were very helpful, staff was very friendly, encouraging, their smiles brighten up your day. You can tell that everybody loves their CAREER. They gave me a gift bag on my very first visit, and everybody likes getting gifts! I will be back to visit soon.

Naimah Greathouse

After being warmly greeted I met Wendy who proceeded to follow the pattern of professionalism that Smiles has always had.

Rodney Swanson

Dr. Gallien and his staff are the most caring, friendly and efficient dental people in the world. Stephanie, my personal tech,is wonderful. They do a great job and I enjoy my trips to the dentist. (And I have always hated dental work prior to finding these folks.) Give them a try. You will not regret it. Love all you folks.

Patricia Bull

Dr Gallien and his entire staff is WONDERFUL ! They are the best hands down. They are so professional and so kind, that they make you almost forget about the bill ! I will never go anywhere else. They also cater to "cowards" like me !

Darlene JOnes

Friendly, courteous staff- cute too!


Jessica was very thorough in her cleaning yesterday and everything went smoothly. Everyone is always so nice and friendly. They were about to move into the newly built section and excited about it. Can't wait to see it.


Wonderful service as ALWAYS! The entire staff always go above and beyond to ensure excellence.

Erin Dake

Had a blast getting my teef scraped. All the staff are nice and welcoming and it's always a pleasure going to see Dr. Gallien and his team :) I highly reccommend!

Bonnie Pierce

My experience was nothing less than amazing! The new dental space offers a spa-like atmosphere with top notch client services. I have never looked forward to a dental cleaning before but at Smiles of Chattanooga they make it easy. From the spacious waiting area to the most professional team in Chattanooga. I will never trust anyone else with my smile:)

Frederick Johnston

From the time I entered the door, until I left 2 1/2 hours and two new completed crowns later, the entire staff including Dr. Gallien made me feel as though it was "all about me". The concern for my well being made me feel as though I was at a spa treatment center rather than the typical dreaded dentist's office. A very pleasant experience indeed!

Babara Russell

I adore Dr. Gallien and all the ladies at the office! Dr. Gallien did my veneers last summer and got them done just in time for my wedding... I couldn't believe how real and perfect they looked and still look. I had more work done there recently, had a wonderful experience as usual and decided to write this review to let everyone know to visit. I am a Gallien for life! Thanks

Desirae Allen

The place is looking great. Can't wait to see it when I come back in 6 months. I met with my new hygienist today. She did a great job (Jessica). I have been coming here forever and I love everyone. EVERYBODY IS SO NICE AND CHEERFUL. I do not mind coming for my appts.

Mimi Cheatham

My visit was on time, very pleasant from the receptionist, to the dental hygienist, who did a great job cleaning and explains what she found that needed attention before my next visit..and most of all no pain.Billing was also a pleasant experience, wasn't very painful. lol Robert Gallien DDS, you have aquired a Five star efficient team. PS At this You need better signs showing your entrance door.

Ralph Murphey

Who could ask for anything more? The entire team is simply the best! Give them a call and you will quickly see, they are very different and focused on you.

William Heckathorn

Professional, warm and caring staff. I have had nothing but positive results from each appointment.

Danielle Beene

Thoughtful and professional service with graciousness and true competency!

Bruce Stewart

As always, my visit with Smiles of Chattanooga was top notch! Thank you for the wonderful care you always provide and congratulations on the new office! It is a beautiful and very comforting environment! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jana Marshall


John Weldon

If you demand the best in dental care while being treated with personal caring about you. This is the dentist office for you with out any reservations. The entire staff is very friendly and will have you feeling like your at your home. All staff is down to earth and very helpful for you and the best out come for you. Yes it's really all about you and what is best for you. Give them a call today!

William Heckathorn

Dr. Gallien and his staff should train all dentist offices on how to treat and take care of their customers. If this happened people would be happier to go to the dentist. We are always so blessed by the personal touch; they care about their customers. Keep up the great work!

The Schultz Family

Well, I won't say it was fun, but considering I was there for a long extensive procedure to help restore my gums and avoid bone loss, and this required more than several hours in the chair and a dozen or more specialized tools, medicines and other various implements of reconstruction, I must also admit that Jessica not only did a great job but took great care of me and never was I overly uncomfortable. (which in my opinion, considering the amount of whirring, picking, grinding, poking and sucking going on, was a very good outcome indeed!) As always, the entire staff was like family and alway shows real concern over your well being. Even heading into a major procedure there (and I've had several with them), I'm never worried that they won't take excellent care of me.

Arthur Doucette

I recently had to have a crown replaced and new crown completed. I was really nervous about the appointment, but the worry and anxiousness was for naught. Dr. Gallien and his team were wonderful. I didn't feel any pain and they did everything possible to make me comfortable during the process... blankets, music, conversation, etc. I am so impressed with the knowledge of the staff and doctor; they are obviously well trained and up-to-date on the latest technology. This truly is the best dental practice in Chattanooga!

Stacy Schaudel

My daughter and I were both seen as new patients this week. I couldn't have been happier with the service and treatment that we received. Dr Gallien and his staff are the most professional office, physician or dentist, that I have ever had experience with. My daughter is 12 and has had previous anxiety related to dental visits. She left the office with a smile and said she "loved" the new dentist. I have already recommended Dr Gallien to several people!

Carli Gordy

Great place and people!

Myrtis Bishop

I am terrified of needles so dental exams and especially fillings scare me. They took their time in making sure that topical ointment had taken full affect before proceeding. They have the latest equipment that makes the process as pain-free as possible and not near as messy as I remember it from childhood. I am grateful for Smiles of Chattanooga!

Jenny Perkins

Great experience as always. I had to get a few fillings, and four extractions, and was in and out a little over 2 hours. Service was great no pain.

David Thompson

Very good. The staff is very friendly and puts you at ease. The doctor treats you as is you are his only patience and his best friend. I would recommend the office to anyone


It was a great visit. All the staff treats you well.

Jo McCrary

They always make me feel welcome. they are always smiling and everyone seems happy to be there. I felt extremely comfortable when I had my wisdom teeth removed which in itself is a nerve racking experience. I would recommend them to anyone.

Jewell Rozell

Thanks very much for fitting me in to the schedule at the last minute! Also enjoyed watching the fascinating crown-making procedure. Everything was very good. I especially enjoyed the Great Horned Owl from the window of Cindy's room! Amazing. I expect to continue to see great things in the future...but somehow I think it'll only be from Cindy's window...don't know why I think that!


Visiting Smiles of Chattanooga is always a pleasant experience. The staff is efficient and knowledgable, and the equipment very hi tech. I am happy with the work done, and am hoping it will last me a lifetime. Still have some work to complete, but so far, its been great, and I anticipate the rest of the work will be most satisfactory.

Jacqueline Manchester

I can say the service was well fitted for me and I was treated as a queen!

Barbara Valmont

Had a wonderful experience. Did not receive payment options via email as discussed, and would like to receive those ASAP. That is the only negative thing I can say about my experience.

Amber Holritz

Pleasant experience with a energetic staff

Holly Nicholson

Note to 'FraidyCats: No worries. I had two dental implants on January 8, 2013, with Dr. Gallien and his unbelievably competent, caring staff. I could have bought a very nice status car with the procedures I've put into my mouth over my lifetime. The implants were much easier than a root canal, by far. I've had about six root canals with different dentists / surgeons, so I know of what I speak. Two days later, and occasional ibuprofen is all I have needed for discomfort. Thanks to all of you, and particulary to Cindy for a good dose of Grace & Mercy. Now stop fretting and just do it. F.E.A.R. = Face Everything And Rise!

Helen Taylor

I highly recommend Smiles of Chattanooga! From the moment I called with questions about my needs, I knew this was going to be a good experience. My first experience with them already has me hooked. I had a tooth extraction on that day and the Doctor and assistant took every measure to make sure I was comfortable. I have been to a lot of dentists, and this was the most upbeat, and fun team that I have ever had work on my teeth. I will not go elsewhere. I found the A team of dental work!


A mostly pain free experience, great service, and the doctor addressed all my questions leaving me with the belief that I made the right choices in my treatment. All the staff are personable and willing to help with any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Smiles of Chattanooga to anyone who is looking for a customer focused dental facility. Thank you so much! :-)

Debra Siren

I want to thank the Team at Smiles of Chattanooga for bring an end to my long awaited and needed visit to the Dentist! A friendly and professional atmosphere along with state of the art technology made the removal of my Amalgams fillings a very satisfying experience! I am smiling and laughing! Do not let your problem teeth threaten your health and lock-up your beautiful smile. Get them fixed! Thank you again Dr. Gallien, Whitney and the rest of the "A-Team" for the best dentist experience I have ever had! Thank you for fixing my teeth!

William Pointer

My experience at Smiles of Chattanooga was absolutely wonderful. The whole staff was so professional, and friendly. Everyone made me feel like i've known them forever. I couldn't ask for a better group of people. The experience was one that hasn't left my mind since that day. I cant think of any place that has made me feel so welcomed.

Lee Angelo Moon

It was good to have Dr. Cosby on hand so that I could get the cavity filled right away rather than having to schedule a second appointment to do so.

Kevin Laman

I have had several restorations done by Dr. Gallien and I must say we are very blessed and fortunate to have such a talented dentist in our area. I am not fond of going to the dentist, but Dr. Gallien and his team do their very best to put you at ease. I will definitely refer my family and friends to him.


The staff is very friendly and professional. I would recommend Smiles to anyone looking for a great family Dentist.

James Needham

Always a good time.

John Cox

Dr. Robert Gallien and staff make up the very best dental care available in Chattanooga. Everything is state of the art combined with kind and caring people. Herb based products are available and are helping me protect my teeth. The new office is inviting and has bird feeders by the windows! My husband and I owe our dental health to Dr. Gallien and the wonderful staff.

Mary Wier

I always have a wonderful experience at Smiles of Chattanoga. The staff is so friendly and accomodating! They do an amazing job!

Summer Smith

Wonderful as always. Love how the new office is coming along and how everyone remembers you and your family. Everyone is always so nice and accommodating. Never have a long wait either.


As always, the absolute best service and staff you could ask for! I always feel comfortable coming here and really appreciate the friendly environment. Dr. Gallien is a true professional and will go the extra mile for your comfort! Stop comparing dentists and choose Smiles of Chattanooga!!! You won't be disappointed I promise!

John Kinworthy

The service and the staff are always top notch. If you aren't using this dentist you need to. You are making a mistake if not.

Josh Ingle

Great dentistry. I'm so glad I found them.

Shana Redenbaugh

awesome dentist, beautiful smiles, face and paced workers, keep up the good work

Naimah Greathouse

Wonderful experience

Melanie Balch

Smiles of Chattanooga has been the only dentist office that I have EVER looked forward to visiting. Dr. Gallien and his entire staff are simply unbeatable. Not only are they incredibly professional, but also welcoming, funny, engaging, and genuine. It's one of those places that I always seem to leave happier-- and with a killer smile, of course!

Sarah Bass

Very nice staff and doctors. Your comfort is ALL they want.


As always, 10 out of 10

Jennifer Merryman

I've been going to them for years and they are always outstanding in both service and work. I always leave feeling my teeth are significantly cleaner and everyone who works there is ridiculously nice.

Aaron Moyer

Enjoyed the new addition to the office. The service was prompt and efficent. Everyone there is with a smile on and willing to offer help.

Edmund Forsythe

This was the best dental experience I have ever had. I usually hate going to the dentist but the care and compassion that Dr Gallien and his staff provide, as well as the conscious sedation option make this a place I will return to :)

Stephanie Gehrke

Very knowledgeable staff, very friendly.

Louis Bull

You know you have a good Dental team when you think a 3 hour visit went by quickly. Cindy and Dr Gallien make a great team, and of course the others, like Whitney and Gail (and some new members whose names I have yet to learn) make you feel like family. The ONLY negative part of the entire visit was the pain of watching the wonton destruction by the landscaping crew of Dr Gallien's hand crafted bird feeder. The trauma of which took some liquid therapy when I got home (Scotch) to block that memory. :-)

Arthur Doucette

You guys are absolutely wonderful

Lee Angelo Moon

Yesterday was another wonderful visit to my hygienist - Stephanie! I can't imagine anyone else cleaning my teeth. The new addition is beautiful and state of art...but what makes me keep coming back is experiencing absolutely no fear or dread about having my teeth cleaned! And I kinda like my visits with Dr. Gallien too - he's tops! :)

Rita Britton

My experience with the staff and dentists at Smiles of Chattanooga was more than outstanding. Everyone is super friendly and goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Wendy, my hygienist, was very thorough and gentle. I will be telling my friends and family for sure.


Great work by Jessica!

John Overton

I had not been to the dentist in several years, so I was quite nervous to what they would find. I had 8 cavities and expected hours of excruciating pain. Quite the opposite. Dr. Cosby and Josie Holmun took wonderful care of me. I was completely comfortable through the entire procedure,snuggled in a blanket, watching netflix. The entire staff is great!


They provide fantastic care and are so attentive, that I will miss going there despite the fact I was getting dental work done. The kind, experienced staff is hand picked and Dr. Gallien gives his individual attention while providing fantastic dental care.


My appointment was excellent as always! Stephanie did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth and I loved seeing everyones beautiful, smiling faces!

Misty Smith

To everyone who made for a great experience, I actually felt as if I was saying goodbye to friends after a pain free extraction that couldn't have been easier. Thanks so much for welcoming me, and for the truly unexpected generosity. Three recommendations so far. Peace and love to you all

Steve and Linda Anderson

I never feel as though I am walking into a dentist office , it's more like walking into see friends . I never feel stressed or worried even though I have had some major work done . Dr Gallien and his staff have made it possible for me to go back to the dentist with no fears. All of Chattanooga needs to know about them. They truly are a gift from God . I am so thankful for them . I am also thankful for Cindy, she is such a comfort and such a joy to see .

Linda Butler

Quick efficient treatment


I have never had a better experience in a dentist office than I do everytime with Smiles of Chattanooga. Everyone there is so helpful and easy to talk to. They are all so gentle and very professional and I have such confidence in their work. My smile is spectacular and it is all because of them! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Katheryn Kurrelmeier-Lee

Well I just had my 3rd visit and I must say it was wonderful. Everyone is so pleasant and nice. They call you by your name and they listen to you know matter what. All the staff will make your visit very pleasant, I am a very scared person. So please, if your like me and have been told all the HORRIBLE STORY'S, PLEASE DONT WAIT PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL NOW I PROMISE THEY DONT BELIEVE IN PAIN....I"m so looking forward to my next visit....Thanks everyone for changing my life with a GREAT SMILE......

Melissa Taylor

Friendly, professional, courteous staff. Very attentive to patient's comfort and needs, treating others as they would want to be treated. There is always such a positive attitude at the office!


Excellent experience in removing old wisdom tooth crown and prep for new crown without deading area.

Gene Cline

Always a pleasant experience. The staff is great. The staff and Dr. Gallien do everything possible to make you comfortable. No matter what the procedure, I am in and out in no time at all.

Nancy Irvin

I was very pleased with the staff and the services that was provided I feel very @ home when I'm having work done on my teeth I would strongly recommend my friends and family to smiles of chattanooga.

Tammy Dantzler

Great experience as always. I recommend Dr. Gallien to anyone I hear discussing Dental needs

Landon Hopper

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